What I Wear- Summer Turquoise

Hey everyone! I tried very hard to make a decent outfit today-you better appreciate it! From now on I'm going to try to be more creative with my outfits, but it's hard! Summer rolls around and you can't add that special 'pop' of color with a cardigan anymore. It's pretty chilly today (no snow though!) so I was able to add my leather jacket. I think my new strategy will be to use jewelry! That always helps, I'm just too lazy most of the time to wear any. I even forgot my purity ring today!

Please forgive the photos, I'm really not going for an 80's look! The wind whipped up and made my bangs and hair look odd.

I picked up this belt (and another) on my birthday. They were $9 each, which isn't bad. But I sort of splurged. But I did need a new one, my last one literally fell apart! I'm not joking, I woke up and found it lying on the floor, it's sad little leather strap broken.

I'm wearing:
Black leather jacket Wal Mart ($5) Floral tank top Wal Mart ($1) Turquoise maxi dress Ross($15)

QUESTION: What is the most essential piece of clothing in your closet?
(worn most, most useful)


  1. cardigans and a bunch of bracelets.

  2. Cute outfit! I like the colors!

    As for my most essential clothing pieces...Probably white and black tank tops (great for layering!), blue jeans, and my long black skirt (which goes with practically everything).

  3. Love the color! I am so terrible at wearing jewelry! I have a some and I should wear it but I always forget!

    I think my most used piece(s) would be tank tops. I love them! I use them with a lot of shirts to make them more modest, or more comfortable, or to just add a little something.

  4. Pretty outfit!

    Essential clothing item... my black and white camisoles! I don't know WHAT I would do without them. When they all happen to be dirty at the same time, my wardrobe decreases pathetically.

    I would say, jewelry does help to "spruce up" an outfit. Because I do jewelry design, I actually rarely don't wear jewelry. Its not even something I do intentionally... I just naturally pick out jewelry to wear with my outfit almost every day. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. My most essential piece is my denim skirt. It was long, but fell at an awkward place (just above my ankle), so I cut it off to be mid-calf length with an unfinished edge. It's super-comfy, very wearable, and my go-to piece when I don't know what to wear. It's my feminine and modest alternative to jeans (since I don't wear pants/shorts).

  6. Love the color of your maxi dress!

  7. My most essential piece of clothing is, without question, my denim skirt(s). Can't live without 'em:)

  8. I love the different ways you style maxi dresses! So cute. :) And I agree.. they are SO comfortable! :)


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