New Blog Look!

Hello everyone! I've overhauled my blog-again! I was hoping all of you could answer a few questions via comment?
1. What is your overall opinion of the blog?
2. Is the blog easy to read? (does a font/background/color need to be changed?)
3. Anything that you would like changed?
4. List one thing that would make this blog better:

Thanks, I really appreciate your taking the time to help me out!


  1. It's really pretty! I love the colors that you chose, and the simplicity of it.(:
    The only thing that is a bit off is the bar below your header, which is longer on one side. Other than that, I love it!

  2. 1. Overall I like it all.
    2. It wouldn't hurt if you could make the text a little bigger.
    3. The banner might could be a little bigger.
    4. Maybe a little more color around the blog.

    Over all I really like the new design. Nothing really needs to be changed. =)

    -Ley <3

  3. Here are two codes that I use to center my tabs and header. The percentages you can adjust to work with your blog. Paste this in you're CSS section under template designer->advanced. Hope this helps!

    .Header {
    text-align: center;

    .tabs {
    padding-left: 17% !important;
    padding-right: 14% !important;

  4. 1. I likke it.
    2. It's fine.
    3. Maybe a little color
    4. Color

  5. I like it. But like other girls have said, a splash of color might be nice. Maybe in the header somewhere? Like make the "And" hot pink or something. :-) Also, on my computer (this might not be true for all computers) when I hover my mouse over the links on the bar underneath the header, they turn black and you can't see the words anymore. So I don't know if you can change that, maybe make that hot pink or turqoise? That would improve the look.

  6. Oh, I know this is late, but I was thinking that you could improve your blog by putting the comments section at the bottom. It is hard when you read a post, and then have to scroll all the way back up to comment. :D other than that, maybe a bit of color like bright blue or something and then everything would be perfect. :D


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