What I Wear- Feminine Pants

These are not enhanced photos! The trees are seriously that green right now! It's been raining, snowing (not in a while) and the trees are surreal! It's lovely to look outside my window and see the vivid green tree tops, the dewy grass and dark wet bark.

Once again, I'm trying very hard to be creative with my outfits. I'm trying to go for "simple" in this outfit.

What I'm wearing: White long sleeve Wal Mart shirt ($7) Grey Slacks Target ($12) Military style flats Payless ($8)

So...ready for the end of the world? I am! But I don't think God's coming back today. Want to know why I think that?
"But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only." Matthew 24:36
So I am ready to go, but I'm not listening to some person tell me they know the day that God's coming back. Why? Because the Bible says that nobody knows! So the moral of this? Be ready at any time, not just when you think God might come back. Are you ready to go?


Crazy Question Of The Day:
Would you rather wear stripes with polka dots, or drink a bottle of hot sauce?


  1. See you in heaven! (^_^) Actually if the world does end today, I'll be excited! The sooner I'll see Jesus (^_^)

  2. I think what you are doing is so amazing!! I have the hardest time finding modest (and cute) clothes and you have given me some great ideas!! BTW, so not ready for the end of the world, I still have to convince my friend that God exists and that he loves her very much!!!

  3. Cute flats!! :)

  4. I definitely agree with you Natasha. If even the Son doesn't know, then how come we human claim that we do.
    Ow, and I'll definitely choose to wear polkadots with stripes. I never did, since I don't have polkadots, but I wore stripes with checked once, and the ensemble look great!

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  5. Beautiful sister in Christ, you look GREAT in belts! Keep the faith. Much love.

    - s


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