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Hey everyone! I found this shirt a while back. It has Audrey Hepburn on the front! How cool is that?! I didn't even know they made Audrey Hepburn tee shirts! Sorry ladies, but I'm in a maxi dress...again. It's just so darn comfy! I can't help myself. Plus, grey and black, what other colors are that versatile? Plus, I'm wearing an Audrey Hepburn tee shirt, and the maxi dress screams 'Audrey!' No? And yes, I'm on a first name basis with the famous actress-who also happens to be dead by the way. 

I'm trying to figure out what exactly I need in my closet to stretch the amount of outfit mixes. My conclusion?
  1. Versatile Skirt-goes with everything and doesn't need any particular colored shirt to go with it. 
  2. A White Shirt-that fits good and isn't too sheer (I guess that's almost impossible)
  3. Plain shirts that fit well. 
  4. ? This is where you come in! Tell me an essential item!
I think I should tell you, I'm not being creative with my's just greasy! Sorry to disappoint you!

Ever heard of Tea Tree oil? I hope so! I've been using it faithfully, and not picking my pimples, and their starting to finally clear up! Here are some things I've learned-if you struggling with acne that is-that might help you:
  • Don't pick 'em! It takes 2-3 times longer for the pimple to go away if you pick it.
  • Toothpaste works short term. Toothpaste may make the pimple smaller, but the next day it will be red and irritated (I'm guessing from something in the toothpaste, mint scent perhaps?)
  • Wash morning and evening! This really helps, but be faithful about it!
  • Apply diluted tea tree oil to your acne prone areas with a cotton ball.
  • HYDRATE! This is the most important of them all! It seems nutty, but if I don't put lotion on my face after washing, it gets super red! It never feels dry, and it doesn't look dry, but it super..super..super..super red! So ALWAYS use lotion on your face. 
  • Natural. This one is just a personal thing, I don't like to use chemical laden things on my face. I use Kiss My Face, and Alba. Yes, they're sort of expensive, but I found this website that has a bunch of natural stuff that is at a discounted price! Check out the website here: Vita Cost  By the way-and I need to buy some more-the day after (I'm not joking!) I used the Kiss my face lotion and face wash, my forehead was completely clear of pimples! They weren't very large, but still! I was impressed.
  • Alba Face And Body Wash- this stuff is awesome! It cleared up the acne I had on my shoulders!
  • Disclaimer: I'm not getting any money for telling you about this product, so don't worry about it being a lie. It may not work for you, but it DID work for me! : )
What I'm wearing: Pink Cardigan from Vanity ($2) Black Audrey Hepburn Tee shirt ($3) Grey Maxi Dress ($4) Gladiator Sandals (borrowed from Melissa)

QUESTION: What's your 'got to' hairstyle when your hair is greasy?


  1. First off, I really like your shoes. I've been searching for some gladiators, to no avail. Secondly, if you really want to wear something that is just Audrey, consider wearing capri pants with flats. Either that or a knee length skirt. I'm a huge fan of hers :) She was amazing not just as a source of fashion and acting, but as a humanitarian as well.

    Classic Femininity

  2. When my hair is frizzy or greasy I usually just wear it up in a French Twist in a Octo-Clip or I loosely french braid it. I usually wear Cardigans or Hoodies all year long, or at least always take one with me whenever I go out. Solid v-neck t-shirts are pretty can wear them with a skirt and some jewelry and a Cardi and it is more dressy-ish, and then you can also wear them with a pair of blue jeans, or board shorts with flip flops (during the Summer of course!) and it is a more casual look. So yep, Cardi's and V-Neck Tees! =)

  3. Two things:
    1. my go-to hairstyle when my hair is greasy is a simple ponytail.

    2. I think an essential, versatile wardrobe item is a neutral-colored cardigan that goes with just about everything. I'm big on layering, so cardigans (especially lightweight 3/4 sleeve ones I can wear in air-conditioning that's too cold) are a must for me! more thing. I love your t-shirt! In fact, when I saw it, I Googled "Audrey Hepburn tees" so I can get my own Audrey shirt!

  4. Loving the shirt! You look great. =]

  5. I have heard about the tea tree thing for acne as well! I tried it once, but I can't really do it very easily because my mom takes these homeopathic remedies and tea tree oil "cancels out" the remedies. Sorry, I know that probably sounds confusing! :-P
    Coconut oil also has been known to help with acne. it never helped a lot with me, but my friend had really bad acne issues and it cleared hers up pretty quickly. Taking cod liver oil (I take mine in capsules) also helps. AND...I found this homemade soap (It's called "Black Soap"...and looks disgusting) at our grocery store and it's supposed to help too. It did at first, and while my face isn't as bad as it was, I still have a good deal of acne. Mostly on the sides of my face where my hair hangs down. I normally use light concealer on normal days and then if I want to look really nice, I do all my makeup and that covers it up pretty well.
    But other news...I really like your outfit! The cardigan gives it a really cute splash of colour. And I love that shirt!

  6. So cute! I have that same tee, got it at Target! I will have to try it with my maxi!!

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  8. My greasy-go-to hair style is in a "messy bun" up on my head (you know, like in a pony, but instead of pulling it hrough and letting in hang, you scrunch and messup the hair and leave it in a messy bun) and then I bobby-pin my bangs straight back on my head, push them forward, and then bobby pin. Pretty much a bouffant with just my bangs. Also - from personal experience, leaving your hair greasy will make your face and neck break out more. Also, try washing your pillow case more often. =)

  9. That's a necklace, isn't it? Love it! Just bought a similar necklace online, I think I'll wear it for upcoming post. :)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  10. Ohh, I'm late, but, COCONUT OIL! Coconut oil is amazing for skin.

    Cute outfit! I'm loving the skirt and sandals. So pretty!

  11. I really like that skirt! I've been wearing the same maxi skirt these past couple of days actually. I don't think it's very exciting to wear the same things on the blog, BUT it's okay if you manage to make the outfits look different ;) I used to have a lot of zits as a teen. I used to put a lot of products on my face--to clean and for makeup. Now that I've stopped and perhaps have grown older (less oil on my face), I just stopped getting pimples. I also use water-based products on my face. Most of the time, I just clean with water! Hydration also means drinking a lot of water, and that has been the biggest habit change of my life!

  12. I use an essential oil from Young living calld Purification! It works really well! My cousin who has really bad acne uses it and it has cleared up quite a bit! You can Buy it here:
    I would highly recomend it!!(By buying it from our family's site you would be supporting a christian homeschool family :D )

    My essential colors are black, white, navy, and denim so alot of my outfits incororate those colors! V-necks are fabulous also a well fitting denim knee length skirt!


  13. There are tonnes of Audrey Hepburn t-shirts here, I went to Camden today and they were all over the place but that one is really nice. I put my hair in a bun when its not looking fresh and use dry shampoo which helps


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