What I Wear- Obsessed With Maxi Dress Military

So I know what your going to say, and the answer is yes. Yes, I'm obsessed with my maxi dresses. They're so comfy and versatile! I know that's not a reason to wear them all the time, but what can I say? I have little to no imagination with my clothing right now, I wore the same outfit Sunday that I did Wednesday so that's why I don't have picture from Sunday. Repeat outfits (especially of the same exact outfit, no changes what-so-ever) aren't a good way to draw readers to your blog. I put my Winter clothes away last week, only to have it snow Sunday! But this time of year is nice, the snow melts so fast, yet greens the trees up to this lovely shade-perhaps God sends snow so I can have awesome backgrounds?
 I got take my earrings out Sunday! I wore a different pair! Yippee! Bad thing is, I found out I have super fast growing skin. As in, I left the earrings out over night and the next morning they were completely grown over in the back! So I had to have my mom pop them back through the back, not a pleasant experience.
These two photos are my 'the snow is sloshing down from the trees, almost soaked me' face. Don't ask me why...I have no idea...
I'm Wearing A Black Maxi Dress From Quality Supply ($4) Green Military Inspired Jacket From Vanity ($12) White Lace Cami From Costco ($15) Brown Mary Janes ($30)  

Are you repeat outfits acceptable on a fashion blog?


  1. Super cute! & sure...repeat outfits are fine. But I would switch the outfit up a bit to add a new flavor to it.(:

  2. Is not bad repeat outfits but as vicky said is good to add a new flavor. Personally i love girls who don't have many clothes but they wear them in a different way everyday, thery are an inspiration for me.


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