What I Wear- Vintage Thrifted Dress

Hey everyone! I finally did it! Can you guess what? I'll give you a hint, it's on my forehead! If you can't guess, you shouldn't be reading my blog. *GRIN*
Anyway, for those of you who didn't guess (and yes, I was joking about not reading my blog) I cut my bangs! I started out with side bangs-not really bangs per-say, but really just the 'I'm intending on cutting my bangs and I'm a chicken' kind. So I now have bangs! I like them! My mom cut them for me, and I'm pleased with the effect.
This is the dress I told all of you about in my last post. Other than the length-easily fixed with another skirt-It fits me perfectly! I couldn't be happier. However, I found out that I don't pay very close attention to the things I buy at Goodwill! I went to try on the 'dress' turned out it was a culotte jumper thingy! So my mom told me just to cut the legs, and I stitched it back up and 'voila! A dress! I was trying to decided if I wanted to keep it culottes, but then just decided that was dumb since I wear dresses all the time anyways, and culottes aren't really more modest than a dress. And my little sister pointed out this morning that it would be really hard to go to the bathroom in culottes!
What I'm Wearing- Thrifted 80's/40's style Vintage Dress-Break Loose ($3) White Skirt-Thrifted ($3) Mary Jane Shoes-6PM ($30)

So I'm happy with my bangs, except that half my family thinks I now resemble a hippy, and the other half think I look like when I was 5. Which is better? Oh well...that's family for you! Can't live with 'em, can't without 'em!
And here are some close up shots of the button details on the front of the dress, as well as the broach I'm wearing.


  1. LOVE the bangs! They look amazing and you look super cute(in a grown up way, not in a 5 year old way!)
    The dress is pretty too, I'd neevr thought if cutting the legs on culottes, great idea! =)

  2. Love the bangs! I was somewhat shocked when I clicked on your blog and the first picture loaded. ;) They look really cute on you, and that dress was a great find!

  3. AAAH! I wuv your bangs! They are fabulous and you look so pretty with them. I had bangs like those for the longest time and recently switched to side swept, but seeing the way they look on you is almost enough to make me whip out the scissors and cut my bangs! haha It's funny what your family said. :) I love your bangs!

  4. Cute outfit!!! Clever!

    Also, I really like your bangs! They look really nice on you. And you do NOT look five... :) Very pretty.

    God bless!

  5. Really pretty! (the dress and you're hair!) Since you hair is so long (I'm so jealous LOL) I think the bangs do a great job of pulling it all together and making it 'flow'. Does that make sense? Maybe not haha. Anyway, I really like the dress too! :)

  6. Cute!!! Your bangs are fantastic.. oh by the way I love your dress too!!!! :):)

  7. You look very cute with the bangs, Natasha!
    And I love what you did to your find. It made such a nice dress. I did similar thing with my skintight jeans from back in the days when modesty wasn't yet a concern. And yes, I do that double skirt trick, too. It's fun to - according to your own word - modest-ify our look, rite. :)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  8. I like the bangs! They make any haircut more exciting :) Haha of course I am biased because I have them too. I had bangs when I was a kid too then I lost them for a really long time, and only brought them back about two years ago. You look good! Nice dress too!


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