What I Wear- Plaid 80's Maxi

Plaid. 80's Style. Maxi. Enough said? Weird combination, I know! But I actually like how it came out. I've been frustrated by my outfits lately. Winter clothes, I've got plenty of them. Summer clothes? What's Summer clothes? Oh yeah! I remember Summer now! Warm calm days, a gentle breeze caressing the trees. The sunlight warming my face. It's seriously like that outside! Finally! Summer has come! But back to what I was saying, Summer requires extra creativity to be comfortable, yet still remain modest. This time of year is when the short, short, short, shorts, mini skirts and various other things I don't care to mention, come out. What's a girl to do? Want to know a secret? Seriously, this a deep, dark scary, well kept secret! Ready? Are you sure? Okay...SKIRTS ARE COOLER THAN SHORTS! Yes! I've exposed the well kept secret for an entire generation! 

No, but seriously, skirts are so much cooler (in the literal sense of the word as well as the other). Shorts are tight, and if you sweat, become quite sticky. Versus skirts which are way better and are so much lighter and air-ier (is that a word?).  So why not try skirts this Summer? Your not required to buy a billion of them, one will do. I encourage you just to try it, you might like skirts! I used to wear pants every single day, and I can honestly say that skirts are much better! So anyway, skirt lecture over!
 So I have to confess something. I'm a habitual copycat. Yep, that's me. Elaine and Kari wore maxi dresses on their two latest posts, why not me?! So why don't we all flood Bloggy world with maxi dresses? Makes logical sense, right? (That's more of my crazy logic in case you didn't know).

QUESTION: Do you own a skirt?


  1. I live in central Florida and I definitely agree with you about skirts! I'm converting my wardrobe to skirts/dresses only, and I've already discovered that even a denim skirt is cooler than linen pants! Skirts are definitely Florida-friendly fashion!

  2. Hmm, I never thought of skirts as being cooler! ^^ I do have a bunch of skirts, so maybe I'll try that this summer!

  3. Natasha~~

    You look very pretty! :) What a lovely outfit. Ooh, I would LOVE to come on over and take your pictures. ;) Haha..sadly, that IS along drive..;) :( Thank you for your lovely comment, and compliments! I try. :)


  4. Skirts are definatly cooler. ;)

    -Ley <3

  5. Thanks for the nice comment! I am a Christian, it's just hard to not have friends in the area - mostly I was just really missing my big sister. She's my best friend, and I look up to her so much, it's really hard when we have to part again. :(

    What a cute outfit! And I agree - skirts are much more comfortable in the summer. :D

    ~ Katie

  6. I have the same shirt! and I love your skirt!


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