What I Wear- Purple With Polka Dots

 Dear Mademoiselles,
I'm positive that every one of you lovely ladies has been sitting at your computer just waiting for me to post my outfit! Okay, a few of you? One or two? No one...?! That was depressing...really? No one?! Well perhaps a few of you may be interested in my outfit anyway. I've been trying to 'revamp' my website. By revamping, I mean I'm thinking of re-doing the layout-yes again. I'd like more of a "fashion-y vintage" feel. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I've been considering sketching something for the header, I'm just not sure what yet. 

Check out my fake-y Montana background! It's even more green and lush than it looks in the pictures! I sigh deeply every time I look out the window, so beautiful!

 I'm Wearing: Purple Shirt From Vanity, White Scarf From Vanity, Thrifted Purple With Polka Dots Skirt.

As most of you may have guessed, flip flops are my Summer staple. I rarely wear anything else! I run around barefoot all year long, and flip flops are like being barefoot! Which is awesome, since I wouldn't go barefoot into a store. Though I may wish to sometimes. Want to know an irratation for me? SOCKS! I hate them! I wear my flip flops and sandals as long as I can, even when it gets a bit chilly. Simply because I don't like socks...or shoes for that matter. My feet always feel constricted! I'm sure everyone has those "things" they immensley dislike. Mine would be socks, and artificial watermelon!

What's your "thing" you immensley dislike? 


  1. Love the outfit! I love polka dots. I keep looking for an old fashioned polka dot dress, but I haven't been able to find one I really like yet. I love the scarf too! :)

  2. Hehe- I used to hate socks till I discovered the cute knee-high ones that came in argyle patterns and other fun stuffs. Your hair is so gorgeous in the pictures. :) Isn't the green so nice here in MT? :)

  3. Good work.....

    Promote real femininity, do not allow feminists to misuse it

  4. Pretty purple! I used to hate having on anything loose-socks, belts, etc!


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