Colorado Springs, CO Trip Part 2 WARNING-PICTURE LADEN POST!

So this is slightly delayed! You can see part 1 HERE. But last month I visited my grandparents, aunt and uncle, brother and new sister in law in Colordo Springs. While there, I decided to be a dork in the mall and try on these adroable, yet crazy, hats in the Burlington Coat Factory! I have no idea where people would wear these, but they sell them! Great photo opportunity anyway! All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them if you'd like to.

My sister Patience

This one is totally my fair lady!

  Are these hats totally my fair lady/royal wedding, or what?! I so totally would've been invited to the royal wedding had I found these hats earlier! GRIN just joking, I'm not a royal wedding groupy or anything like that. In fact I only saw the first half...weddings are long and boring. Don't judge me! You know it's true! Which one's your favorite?

Flying W Ranch
Patience, Cousing Emily, Onan, Me.

Cousin Emily & sister Patience.



Grandma, Me, Grandpa, Mom, Uncle David, Aunt Laura, Onan.

Mountains in Fort Collins

 And some fun cloud and scenery photos I took.

"The Heavens declare Your glory."



  1. Awesome pictures Natasha! I love them! My favorite hat was the pink one, totally My Fair Lady!

  2. Haha, fun hats! I love them all. =]

  3. My friend is absolutely obsessed with Will and Kate and the Royal Wedding. She made me stay up until 2 am to watch it with her, and finally at 3 am, I went to bed. She stayed up all the way until 4 or 5 and we had to wake up at 7 the next morning! CRAZY GIRL! She would adore those hats!!!

    Montana is soooo beautiful! i wan to go there/live there! :D

  4. I love your outfit in one of the group pictures- the one with the floral tank-top and ripped jeans! Your outfit is so cute and totally "in," but still modest and God-honoring! Cheers to *you* for great fashion!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  5. I think I do like the My Fair lady hat, but I would get it in a neutral color (black/white/beige) because everything I wear is already too colorful! :)

    I also like the 2nd hat a lot (or the 1st hat you're wearing).


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