I received this question through my survey:

"Hey Natasha, Could you do a post on excercise's you do? Or maybe try a makeup post? If you where makeup what's your thoughts on it. :) I would love to know!!!"

Thanks for taking my survey! Unfortunatley, I can't help you out with the makeup post-I don't wear any!

For exercise I do a DVD workout in the Winter, and in the Summer I like to walk. However last Summer I did NOTHING (a fact I'm not proud of). I have two Primary programs right now:
Turbo Fire
ChaLEAN Extreme

They're both the same lady though. Turbo Fire is mainly cardio and ChaLEAN Extreme is weight lifting.
If you're looking for something to start with, try Turbo Jam. Turbo Fire is pretty intense, it takes a bit to work up to. Turbo Fire includes longer workouts (max of 60 min.) and HIIT training (high intensity interval training). ChaLEAN Extreme is all about going slow, and getting better results.
I usually exercise 5 times a week with 2 days off. A normal schedule looks something like this:

Strength Traing
Strength Training
Strength Training /Extended Stretch

I won't bore you with technical names (though if you're doing the same exercise I'd be happy to be more specific for you). I've lost I don't know how many inches with Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire! I'm also happy to report that I've lost 7 inches (overall) since I started ChaLEAN Extreme (about a month or so). So if you eat right and exercise enough, it is a successful program. If people are interested, I could talk about exercising allll day! So drop me a comment if you're interested in more! (I'll include an outfit with my next post!) 


  1. If I may ask why don't you wear make up?


  2. I am really interested in exercise posts! I love exercise and knowing what other people do!

    I was going to say this on the survery but I wasn't sure how, but you look great. Your exercise and eating right certainly paid off! 7 inches? That's great!

  3. hmm...I may have to look these up! I love learning new exercises, and though I'm not really trying to alter my weight or anything, I would love to tone these flabby muscles of mine.(; I'm supposed to get into a regular routine this week...let's see if I can do it! It sounds like you've been doing a really good job sticking to your routine!


  4. Great blog darling.following u on chictopia and here.hope u can check out my blog and follow back if u like.


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