What I Wear- Plaid Wool Skirt 1950's Style + Invisible Band Hairstyle And Thoughts On Makeup

 Hey everyone, I decided to take a shower and get some outfit photos posted! I mentioned the shower to explain my hair's stringy appearance! I tried something new with my hair:
All I did was pull two sections back into a ponytail/hairband and pulled the hair hanging down partially through! I like how it came out, and you can't even see the hairband!

Thanks for the encouragement on the exercise post, I'll be sure to post more on that soon.

Someone commented on my exercise post:
"If I may ask why don't you wear make up? ~*Karin*~"

Of course you may ask! I'm not going to answer though...just joking! I don't mind, really! : ) My not wearing makeup has nothing to do with Christianity, it's simply a personal preference. My older sister and my mom (on occasion) wear makeup, and I'm allowed to if I like. However, I've never really had a desire to wear makeup. I've been blessed with super dark eye lashes, and you probably wouldn't be able to tell if I did wear mascara. I like my face the way it is, and I don't feel the need to cover, or alter it. I also know many women who wear makeup for awhile and then feel washed out when they aren't wearing it. I don't ever want to feel like my natural face isn't "good enough". My other reason for not wearing makeup is that I feel I would be one of those women who becomes too dependent on makeup, and won't leave the house without it on. So I see nothing wrong in wearing makeup, for some people, just not me! I know lots of people who look beautiful in makeup, but it's entirely their choice whether or not they wear makeup. So to make a long story short, the answer is: I don't want to! : )

After these questions, I was wondering if there is anything else that you've been wondering about me? I'd love to answer any of your questions (within reason of course!). I know I have quite a few new readers, so toss the questions at me!

What Do You Want To Know? Ask Away!


  1. I found your answer very good, and well said! I don't wear makeup all that much, but I have worn it on occasion, more because I think it is a fun girly thing to do. I don't wear it because I feel I am not pretty enough, I wear it for fun, and I think it does look nice sometimes. It is good to see confident people out there.

  2. Very cute! I loveeeeee that skirt! And your hair looks nice too! I'll have to try that sometime!

    I do wear makeup, but I go for a very natural look...just a little cover-up and foundation to even out my skin tone and cover up those ugly red zits: since my skin is so fair, one little zit looks rather like a slice of pepperoni on my face, haha. I don't care for the look of a lot of makeup, because it makes me feel like the person's true face is covered. God made every one of us beautiful in our own ways, and we shouldn't have to hide behind a mask of makeup.(:
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Hi! I love your blog,I as you know have my blog pretty modest. I was just wondering around how old are you? Sorry if i sound creepy. you must be it least 15? Thanks! :) lol, i also have super dark eye lashes, when i was 10 people asked me why my mom let me wear mascara and i didn't even know what it was!

    Lizzy <3

  4. You look gorgeous, Natasha! Love the outfit, your hair, your jewelry, everything!

  5. That is such a great answer, good for you! I am one of those people that feels like I NEED makeup to look you are smart for not wanting to wear it!
    Modern Modest Beauty

  6. You are beautiful and I think that it is a good thing to not feel like you have to wear makeup! My normal everyday, I don't usually wear much if any makeup. Maybe some mascara to wake up my eyes a bit! However I do love makeup, it is like an art to me and it can be so much fun to explore. I still stick with really natural looks though, and I never want to reach the point that I feel like I can't go out without putting my face on first! Plus I do think that makeup makes you look more professional so sometimes I feel the need to wear it so that I portray the appropriate image to others when need be.

  7. I really do like this outfit... has to be one of my favorites. I also love what you have to say about makeup. I really don't see it as a "spiritual" issue, just a personal preference. I wear a little bit of makeup most days, but am not ashamed of how I look without it. I try to keep my makeup light so I look natural, not covered in gunk! :)

    God bless!

  8. I don't wear makeup either. I like your outfit.

    Would you like to check out my blog?

  9. I agree - I'll wear a light mineral power foundation to even out my skin but I'm allergic to eye makeup, and I think dark lashes look a little odd with red hair. I do wear lipstick though, because I find it fun...

  10. I absolutely LOVE your outfit, it is simply adorable! I also enjoyed your answer as to why you do not wear make-up. I don't wear it a lot (only on special occasions, or the odd day here and there)and I find that my skin is much healthier for it! I find that once you start wearing make-up you fall into a vicious cycle of trying to cover up things that "shouldn't be there". I know that when I do wear make-up it is VERY simple, never ever do I put on foundation, powder or blush, I just dazzle up my eyes and my lips a little.

    Great post!

  11. i have one more question, how do you have the "you might also like" i am new to blogging and have been trying so hard to find out, do you think you can let me know? thanks!


  12. I've been following your blog for a few weeks, and find your creativity inspiring. And it's awesome how you find steals and deals at regular stores (Macy's maxi dress for $2!!?).
    Nice outfit on this post. My favorite element is how the pearls add light and draw your eye up.

  13. I love the whole outfit! Especially the pearls and plaid skirt. :) I wear very little makeup when I do. Powder is too heavy for me, but I usually wear a thin foundation for church. I don't usually wear anything on my lips except carmex, because it usually doesn't look too great after a while, and I don't have time to constantly be touching it up. However, I do like eye makeup. I don't wear eye liner because my eyes already look like I have it on. ;) But I love eye shadow and mascara. Anyways, that's my opinion. :)


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