What I Wear- Stripes And Beret + "Healthy" Food Traps

I was able to put together a decent (at least in my opinion) outfit! Lately I've been feeling incredibly uninspired. I go through these phases often, it's all the other fashion blogger's faults! Seriously! You people need to post more! Oh wait...I'm a fashion blogger...and I don't post that often...umm..moving on! I think the best way to put together an outfit is to start with one piece, and go from there. For this outfit, I started with the hat. I then proceeded to add shirt, skirt and etc. Though that worked today, it didn't work the other day. Often I'll stand in my closet trying to find something that matches a certain item, try a billion things on, and only end up frustrated and throwing on my exercise clothes! I also get overheated when I'm frustrated, so I end up feeling like I have a fever by the end of the "ordeal".
You may be wondering about part of my title: + "Healthy" Food Traps. I've been trying to eat healthier lately (unsuccessfully today!) and we decided to have a treat and eat Quiznos for lunch. A healthier option than a hamburger, right? WRONG! Out of curiosity I decided to look up how many calories are in the sandwich I the page loaded my heart beat faster and faster...and I almost threw up when the gigantic numbers came into view! A whopping 1,500 some calories and 81 grams of fat! That's more than half my calories for the day, and an entire days worth of fat grams! How on earth do they even fit that many calories and fat grams into such a small sandwich! What are you supposed to get out my telling you this? Don't assume something is "healthy" or "healthier" until you do the research! Yes, I should know better! I'll do better next time...unless I eat too many of those sandwiches and I'll be dead and it won't matter...
I'm wearing: Royal Azure blue Forever 21 hat, Black eternity scarf ??,Striped repurposed shirt, Royal Azure thrifted skirt, White Vanity leggings, Black Go Jane boots

Vicki was kind enough to draw my portrait! She did a fantastic job, and I especially love the scarf highlights! Great job Vicki, you're very talented!


  1. LOVE the outfit! And I LOVE your new header too!

  2. Super cute!! What with Valentine's day and the stress of midterms, I have not been eating very healthily either...but I am inspired to start anew! After I finish all my chocolate, of course...

    I'm glad you like the picture!! Thank you for your kind words.(:

    Oh--and your header looks so cool! ^^


  3. I love your hat, the color looks so nice on you! :)

    I know what you mean by healthy food traps! Sometimes it will surprise you what actually has the lower calories!!

  4. Hi! Just wanted to say it was your blog that inspired me to start my own christian based fashion blog! I always thought there were no such things but happening upon yours, it's great to see that God even exists in fashion!!

    I would be super happy if you followed me back!!


  5. So admirable that you're trying to eat healthier. I've been trying to, as well, lately but have been incredibly unsuccessful. Yikes, I need to get motivated to do better!

    P.S. I just adore your beret ❤


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