How Old Do You Think She Is?

I have a request to make! After having a "discussion" with my sister Melissa, I told her I'd post her photo on my blog and ask you all a simple question:
How old do you think she is? Leave a comment with your answer!


  1. Hmm, does the fact the word discussion is in quotes mean something significant? I know sometimes my "discussions" with sisters can get a wee bit heated..... ;-)

    I think she looks about 23

    The little siblings think she looks 20

  2. I always feel a little reticent guessing peoples ages. Mostly, I think because no one has ever guessed mine right as far back as I can remember. However, since you asked specifically...
    I'd say she looks about 20-22 ish.
    Do we get to know how close we are?

  3. Ah dangerous question. Considering your age, and all...28

  4. I don't know. 21? Maybe older because I see a certain wisdom in her eyes. (Oh, I'm ashamed as she is much younger than what I say)

  5. I would guess that she is 23 or 24.

  6. To me she looks about 25 or 26. You have a beautiful sister Natasha!

  7. I'm about to turn twenty-five and she looks like she's around me age, but I've looked pretty much the same since I was 20/21 so I'd say early to mid 20's? :)

  8. I think that she is 21. :)


  9. 30 hope im not way of please forgive me if i am

  10. I would say in her early 20's!(: she is very pretty!

  11. Hmmm...Hard to say, but I would guess about 28 or 29??? How far off am I?

  12. I'm totally just guessing!! 24? :-) Hehe I am BAD at guessing ages though so I doubt I'm even CLOSE! :-)


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