eShakti Giveaway!

Remember awhile back when eShakti graciously sent me a dress to review? Well now is YOUR chance to get something from eShakti!

One lucky winner will get a product of their choice from (can be custom-sized / custom-styled)! 
The custom styling comes in handy for modest conscious gals-you can pick the hemline length, sleeves, etc!

The rules are simple! Leave a comment with the following:
1. MANDATORY-Visit the eShakti website & let me know which item you would choose if you won.
2. MANDATORY-follow eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest (please leave your usernames) 
(Both are required!) 1+2=1 Entry 

1. Post about this giveaway on your blog-1 Entry (leave a comment)
2. Post about my blog on your blog-1 Entry (leave a comment)

The giveaway is running 05/21 to 05/31 so hurry up and enter!
I'll be announcing the winner on 06/01-so come back then to find out who won!

Open to US and Canada residents only!


  1. My favorite item is

    I followed eShakti on Facebook and Pinterest ( my username is Lauren Wright)

  2. I'm so excited about this giveaway! I think I would pick the Rosette trim dress in black. That or the Pleated cotton poplin dress. It's such a hard decision! I follow them on Pinterest (MissBrookiie) but not Facebook, because I can't have facebook. :(

  3. I posted about the giveaway!


    I also posted about your blog in the same post.

  5. What if I don't have a pinterest account? Can I just "like" the Facebook page, or do I have to do both? Thanks. This is really exciting! :)

  6. I love the bow tie neck top!

    I liked eshakti on facebook ( and on pinterest (amycc).

  7. I would get this one :) it's soo pretty!

    I liked them on FB & am following on Pinterest

  8. I like the retro Poplin shirtdress ( the best, although I did have a terrible time deciding which one I liked the best!

    I follow eShakti on Pinterest, but I can't like them on Facebook because I don't have a Facebook account! My pinterest username is missdaisy7.

  9. I 'liked' them on Facebook (Kali Larsen) and follwed them on Pinterest (SlytherinKali).

    It's such a hard decision on the item I would get though. I think I would have to go with though.

  10. I tried to comment before, but I think it got eaten. So here we go again. I followed on Pinterest (SlytherinKali) and liked on Facebook (Kali Larsen).

    It took me forever to pick a piece, but I settled on this one:

  11. My favorite is the Collared yellow dress

  12. My favorite is

    I liked on Facebook, and I follow on Pinterest. My user name is Celticmuse4ever. :)

  13. I also follow eShakti on Pinterest my user name is songsbookandtea

  14. I like eShakti on facebook and pinterest... My user name is Tory Sherrill on both of them... ;)

    I LOVE the Rosette Trimmed Bloom Dress... ;)

  15. I think I would choose the embroidered dot print sundress:

    I followed eShakti on Facebook (Kaylyn Madany) but I did not follow on Pinterest, because I do not have an account.

  16. I think I would choose the Embroidered dot print sundress:

    I liked eShakti on Facebook (Kaylyn Madany), but I do not have a Pinterest account.

    Could you please not post this comment on your blog, since I have my real name in it? But if you could let me know you received my entry, that would be great! Thank you!

  17. Showing you my favorite item is not so easy, as I already have several pinned on pinterest! But here is on that I really love!

  18. I think I'd choose this-

    I liked on Facebook (Breanna Kastner) and followed on Pinterest (breannamay).

  19. I really like the Bandwidth skirt. It is definitely one of the contenders of what I would pick if I won!
    I like them on Facebook. My facebook name is Hannah Avery
    I like them on Pinterest. My pinterest name is Hannah Avery

    -Hannah Avery

  20. I posted about your giveaway on my Giveaway Roundup page on my blog.

    Thanks so much!

    -Hannah Avery

  21. I like them on FACEBOOK & follow them on PINTEREST (message me for FB name but on Pinterest I am Marie Danielle. :-)

    I love the Birds on a Wire dress... I think that is my favorite. :-)

    maireloves at gmail dot com

  22. I love the Dotted blue dress, the her 50's colorblock dress and the Pleated chambray dress in pink.

    I follow them on facebook and Pintrest my username is bunsjunior


  23. I love the Sweetheart of a dress, I follow them on FB (Joey M) and Pinterest (Joey M), email is

  24. I posted about the giveaway

  25. Post about your blog on my blog (your button)

  26. I like the lady in red dress. I follow them on facebook and pinterest as yestfl

  27. I posted about this giveaway on my blog

  28. Right now I really like this:

    (It will probably change tomorrow though! :)

    And I already Like and follow under the name Libbi Hartwig :)

  29. I'd pick the Botanic Poplin Dress! It's so bright! :)

    I like eShakti and follow them (April Gilbertson on FB,

  30. Followed on Facebook and Twitter, but not on PinInterest since I don't have an account.

    My vote's for the 'Miss Havisham scarf'.

    Thanks for hosting this contest.

  31. Right now I really like this dress:

    I already Like and follow them under Ashley Pokone and Ashley Nicole. :)



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