What I Wear-18th Birthday And Mother's Day!

I'm Wearing:
Dress-Forever 21 $10
Black belt-Vanity $5 
Necklace-Claires $1
White skirt-thrifted $3.99
Flip flops-Wal Mart $5 
I haven't posted in awhile, so I guess I have some catching up to do! Yesterday was my *cough* 18th birthday! Honestly, 18 seemed so far away! Since it was Sunday, (obviously!) we went to church. After church we had pizza out. I didn't do anything too exciting-although since my birthday was on a Sunday, my parents are nice enough to take us all to Spokane WA here pretty soon! Yay! We all know what that means...huge malls, tons of dragging brothers, sisters and dads through endless stores-and of course Forever 21!
Yesterday was also Mother's Day-if you didn't know that you're in BIG trouble! : )
So I thought I'd include a picture of my mom and I! You know, the lady who:
Cleans up after me. Hugs me. Laughs. Cries. Puts up with me. Puts up with my stressing...*clears throat* Thanks for just being you, mom!

I have MORE exciting news to share! I purposely waited to do this post until I got home from the...DMV! Oh yes, you're looking at a licensed driver! I was so freaked out about taking my driving test, I almost gave myself a heart attack! I could literally FEEL my heart beating! And, as with most things I stress over, it was no big deal. Although all the praying I did before hand had something to do with it! For anyone who hasn't gotten their license yet, the instructor checks the lights to make sure they're working, gets in the car, tells you when to turn and you parallel park-that's it! Seriously, the parallel parking was my freak out point. Till I found out I was parking behind two cones, and I had 3-4 cars length of space behind to use! But I can actually parallel park! : ) So, I'm very excited! I'm also going to get to vote this year in the presidential election!

Thanks for all your nice comments about layering my hair! I took your advice and did a little YouTube research and found something called the CreaClip-basically it looks like a super easy way to get layers! All the reviews on Amazon were good, it's coming in a couple days! I'm excited to do something different (but not too drastic)with my hair!

What did you do this weekend?    


  1. Super cute outfit! I love the idea of layering a longer skirt under a shorter dress!

    Happy birthday!! And congrats on getting your license!(:
    Haha, one of the first things I did when I turned 18 last year was register to vote...actually...I think I did it at exactly midnight. :P I was too excited!


  2. Your hair looks so pretty.

    Happy birthday and congratulations on being a licensed driver!!!! It's coming soon for me too and I can't wait!!!

  3. Very cute! Happy Birthday & congrats on your license :)

  4. Congratulations on getting your license and happy birthday! :D

  5. Nice outfit! She is stylish. thank you. for sharing.

    Designer clothes online

  6. Very cute :)

    xo Jennifer

  7. Woo-hoo! Since you're now old enough, are you participating in Wycliffe's "In Other Words" game?


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