What I Wear-Yellow Sundress

I'm Wearing: Black Shirg-Thrifted, Yellow Sundress-JcPenney, Belt-Vanity, Flip Flops-Wal Mart
I'm wearing a yellow sundress which I haven't worn in quite awhile! Since 2010 to be exact! I styled it differently this time by adding a black shrug and belt. The dress is sleeveless, and the arms are pretty modest. However I have these weird sun lines (I can't call them tan lines, since I don't really tan...) so I paired it with the shrug instead. 

We went to Helena yesterday. Yeah...I'm not crazy about Helena. The traffic was insane! I felt like I had to drive so aggressive, something I don't do well. Changing lanes requires being rude and shoving your way into traffic. So yeah, I won't be moving to a city like LA or something... : )

How would you style this dress?


  1. Super cute! I love your dress! The print is so summery.(:
    Hehe, I don't tan either! I just burn, really badly. :P


  2. I love wearing yellow, it's so cheery! Not too many can pull it off either, but I think it works well on you ;)

  3. I love this!! Yellow is one of my favorite colors and it looks so good on you!
    I'd style it similar I think.

    And I live really close to LA and I lov it traffic and all! Lol I hate traffic actually but whatever. ;) I wanna live in the country. :D

  4. You should wear that more often. It looks great on you and I like your hair pulled back like that too. One of your prettiest outfits!

  5. Happy late birthday to you! Welcome to the wonderful world of 18 :) Beautiful pictures! The one of you and your mom is particularly stunning. And congratulations on passing your drive test! I'm glad you did good on it--I almost failed mine, plus the instructor being really grumpy didn't help too much. But a license is a license! :)

  6. you look so Pretty in yellow..



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