W.I.W-5 Things About Myself & Roxy Hoodie!

I'm Wearing: Hoodie-Thrifted ($3.99), Leopard Print Shirt-Thrifted ($3.99), Skirt-Thrifted ($3.99)  
Many of you expressed an interest in know more about "me" in my latest survey. So this is odd for me! Being the Blogger is different than the Blog reader-the Blogger has been blogging for 3 years, thus I have a list of topics I've covered on my blog. Problem is, the readers are constantly changing! I may have previously written posts on modesty until my reader's eye balls fell out, but lately I haven't covered the topic at all! So in an effort to share a bit about my life I'm going to try to list 5 things at the bottom of each post (we'll see if it works out!) about myself. If anyone gets sick of hearing about me, yell and I'll stop! Because honestly, I'm not a super fascinating person! But I'll try to think up some interesting things to share, like:
  1. I have a strange "book protection program". I flip out if someone bends my book! I literally read The Lord Of The Rings series in a paperback version and didn't break the binding! (it also lies flat on the book shelf, none of that cover "boinging"!) I also don't let me sister Melissa read any of my books because she's a habitual book abuser!! Sad, but true! ; ) Books are our friends, would you beat up your friend?! I think not! 
  2. I love exercise! I know, most of you are probably rolling your eyes! My favorite program is Turbo Fire (please note that the outfits aren't modest on the DVD's-I'm blessed enough to have a basement apart from the guys to exercise). 
  3. I HATE artificial Watermelon-it smells like barf to me. 
  4. Algebra was "easy", Geometry was not so hot.
  5. I'm an amateur artist-in the smallest sense of the word. Check out my art blog here:  
So there you have it! Five things about me! Now it's our turn-leave a comment telling me five things about yourself! 
Oh, I almost forgot that it's my 3 year blogaversary this month! Check out my first "What I Wear" post HERE! (yes it's pretty awful). And my first post EVER!


  1. The same with my sister! She doesn't take care of the books I lend her!! :-/

    Anyway great outfit and post!!

  2. Ohmigosh, that outfit is so cute! In a good way. I really like that dress.
    Love Sararose xox


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