What I Wear-Avonlea Gloves!


I'm wearing: Scarf-Forever 21-gift, Gloves-gift-from Avonlea set!- Jean Jacket-borrowed from my sister Patience, Dress-Forever21, Pants-thrifted, 

I got these gloves from my parent's fro Christmas, but the coolest part is that they were worn on the set of Avonlea! Isn't that awesome? So I imagined that Sara Stanley or Felicity King wore them...although in reality it was probably some extra that was on the set for 2.5 seconds. LOL! Fun to imagine anyway! The scarf was also a Christmas present! 

It's been sort of a weird year in regards to snow-it hasn't snowed hardly at all! Which actually isn't good, since we need the moisture. The snow hasn't melted off, but it hasn't come down anymore. It's just been cold! Which is okay too, whatevs. I'd have to say that jeans under my dress was an attempt at staying warm without too much bulk. Sometimes leggings or tights just don't cut it! Some other cold weather tips for wearing skirts-
wear 2 pairs of socks (wool is best!)
leg warmers over tights
hats and scarves actually do keep you warm (they're not just for looks!)

What are your cold weather tips for wearing skirts/dresses?


  1. This is such a cute outfit. I really like it! You look very pretty with your hair like that too (it looks beautiful down as well, of course).

    God bless!

  2. love the jacket and that is so cool that your gloves were actually from the movie! xx | natalia

  3. I've been wondering how you keep skirts from clinging to your legs when you wear tights or leggings in the winter? Its something we have to deal with every year, just wondering if you have the same problem or any tricks that help
    - A


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