What I Wear-Neon Orange!

I'm Wearing: Hat-Claires ($4), Scarf-Gift, Forever 21, Neon Shirt-Thrifted ($3.99), Cream Sleeves-Halftee (C/O Halftee), Lace Cami-Vanity ($5), Blue Jean Skirt-Thrifted ($3) Leggings-Target ($?-a long time ago!) Boots-Vanity($10)     
So strangely enough, in my "unwanted Blogger sabbatical" I wore two brightly colored outfits! As most of you can attest, I'm more of an earth toned colors sort of girl. However, I think if you do wear bright/neon colored items, it's a good idea to tone it down with neutral and/or earth tone colors with everything else. 

I keep forgetting to put the price I paid on my outfit items-then I thought, I should probably tell people why I put prices! It's not so I can show off how much I paid for something, or even so you can pat me on the back. I share my prices as a reminder that, yes, you can dress cute and modest without breaking the bank! I very rarely buy items at retail price-basically I make a b-line for the sales racks when I enter a store! A helpful tip, the good sales are usually in the back of the store! I suppose that way you have to go through all the full price items to get to the cheap stuff! 

Speaking of which, I finished spending my Christmas money last night at Forever 21 (online) clearance was an additional 50% off! They had some super cute stuff, got a vintage-y coat for $10!! Check it out if you have some extra to spend! Can't wait to get my box of goodies! It'll be like Christmas all over again!! 

Where do you shop the most? Any fun shopping tips to share?


  1. Hmmmm... Well I usually shop at thrift stores! :) Or I get handmedowns!!

    But I do have some clothes that I actually bought!

    I love halftees! I got one for Christmas! It is amazing!!

  2. This is a lovely outfit ! I was also more a kind of classic colors girls but I recently decided that life is too short not to wear bright colors ! So my wardrobe is now starting to count some yellow/orange/hot pink and blue...I actually bought a neon orange tshirt on sales friday, and I love yours ! Thanks for giving me ideas for styling this tshirt !
    Have a great day Natasha !
    Marie, a reader from France


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