What I Wear-30 For 30 Remix Challenge Day: 1

Hey everyone! Well, today starts Ashley's 30 for 30 remix challenge! I can quite honestly say that it was incredibly nice to wake up this morning and know that I had only X amount of shirts to choose from! Will I still think this 29 days from now? Probably not! ; )

I should also mention that you will probably be sick to death of this jean jacket! 
How was your Sunday? 


  1. Very pretty outfit! Can't wait to see your other combinations.

    My Sunday was good, even though it was rather busy at times. :-)


  2. Jean jackets are nice! I have a really cute one somebody gave me a few years ago, fits perfect! But the buttons are really loud and the clanking gets on my nerves. I need to just switch them out. I'm just too lazy! Haha. :-)


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