What I Wear- Is It Really All About The Numbers? 30 For 30 Remix Challenge Day: 2!


I'm Wearing-
White "Avonlea" sweater-Forever 21
Cream beret-KMart
Tank top-Vanity
Boots-Forever 21

I've been noticing that there are many people talking about GFC shutting down. I'm going to be completely honest here, when I thought it affected me, I was freaking out! The thought of completely starting over and losing every single one of my readers was terrifying! And then I got to thinking-ya I know...I do that sometimes! ; )

Is it really about the numbers? I can remember when I started out how excited I was to get to 5, 10 even 20 followers! Then the competition set in. So and so started blogging at the same time, but she has 1,000 followers-I only have 200! I have to constantly check myself and remind myself that it's not about the numbers. 

I started this blog to encourage other young women to dress in modest apparel without sacrificing their style! I can honestly say when I first typed in that blog name and address, the thought of how many readers I could get wasn't even there! So even though my GFC isn't shutting down, it's helped me to change perspective and get back to the "why" of blogging. I'll be the first to admit that it's hard when posts get only a couple comments, or my traffic drops off-that's when I remind myself: 
"You started blogging to help other girls, keep doing it!"
It's not about who's prettiest, who's more stylish, or who has more traffic or followers! We fashion bloggers should be encouraging each other, there's enough negative in our lives without being negative to one another. So what am I saying? If you're struggling with how many followers you have currently, sit yourself down and remember why you started your blog in the first place. If it was just to get followers, you may as well forget it! You'll never have enough followers. If it was to encourage other ladies, go girl! You can do it! Keep changing the world! 

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  1. Very pretty outfit, Natasha!

    I've been very convicted about not being competitive about the number of followers I have or comments I get. The Lord has been able to use me to minister to many wonderful young women and even become friends with some of them... that should be more than enough!


  2. Very cute! And I'm a tad envious of the snow. Our temps are in the 80s-almost 90s. :P

    -Leah Kathryn

  3. Love your outfit! That skirt is so pretty!

    Is GFC really shutting down?? I heard that Google Reader was (which i don't personally use) but that GFC was staying (for now, at least). :/
    I absolutely agree with you, though--it's not about the numbers! I do sometimes have to remind myself of that, though!(;
    Decked Out in Ruffles

  4. I have a problem where I compare my blog to other blogs and get bummed out that my blog is still starting and new, and I don't have tons of followers and etc yet and I have to remind myself of the same thing. When I started my blog it wasn't my desire to get tons of followers, but inspire other girls even if they just pass by it. I have to make myself have a bit of a reality check. :)) Love your scarf and skirt! I probably wouldn't be bold enough to pair them together. Haha! It looks really pretty!
    Kalin from

  5. I love the sweater, especially paired with that skirt. This post encouraged me a lot. I just started with the whole modest fashion blogging thing(I've had a blog for a while now, but just starting really pushing it to be dedicated to one thing) and my only readers are like my mom and my best friend. lol Not cool. BUT, I have to remember that readers will come at some point and also that it's not about numbers, like you said.
    I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's 30 for 30 posts. I should have done it! lol This is a beautiful outfit! Looks nice and warm for all the snow you're getting. :)

  6. you look absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your skirt! Thanks for linking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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