I wore this outfit to church, the perfect combination of comfortable and church appropriate. Awhile back I did a "I'm the kind of Natasha who..." post and I thought it would be fun to go ahead and do another one! I have a hard time making sure I'm constantly writing this blog as if each post is being read by someone who doesn't know me! I've been doing this blog since 2009 and it seems second nature now! So here it goes:
I'm the kind of Natasha who- 
  1. Has worn this blue jean jacket waaaayyy too many times! ; ) 
  2. Goes crazy when people put "when I *loose* this weight" instead of *lose*-Ahhh! 
  3. Hates artificial watermelon-blech! It seriously smells like barf to me....
  4. Stresses majorly over tests! 
  5. Hated 3rd grade math, loved Algebra! Thank you Teaching Text Books!
  6. Is graduating this year!
  7.  Doesn't wear heels, adores when she can find shoes with an 1" or less heel!
  8. Keeps her technology items until they're dinosaurs! (I kept my i-Pod for 4 years before breaking down and buying a new one!
  9. Is easily bored.
  10. Plans on joining in Ashley's 30 for 30 remix-anyone else?
  11. Taught herself a little HTML using Google! I feel very empowered...
  12. Watches movies and TV shows for the costumes!
  13. Is a habitual cheapskate (seriously).
  14. Wonders what it would be like to live your life like a musical-wouldn't it be weird if we suddenly burst into song and dance and then acted like nothing happened?! Freals! 

QUESTION:So in the spirit of getting to know each other, leave a comment with 3 (or more) random things about yourself! 

1 comment:

  1. Fun post, awesome outfit!

    3 things about myself...

    I love watching people on the streets.
    I love looking in people's houses at night.
    I enjoy wearing cardigans even when it is dastardly hot out!


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