What I Wear-Help Me and Walking Through Tshirt

This outfit is a great example of something I wear around the house, minus the cardigan on most days.  I chose to go with a casual outfit, pairing my pink cardigan with this awesome new trendy tshirt Walking Through sent me. I've worn this shirt numerous times since receiving it, it's incredibly comfy and versatile. I also love that the sleeves are cap sleeves, something missing from most Christian tshirt companies styles. I really don't like the regular tshirt sleeves, give me cap sleeves and day! For me, they just seem more feminine as well.
Never heard of Walking through? That's because they're new! Here's a little about The Christian tshirt company; 
Walking Through Co. A Christian brand style of clothing where people would be proud to show their faith. 
Our Mission: is to praise the lord and bring back the passion of our faith.
 Our Vision:To run a successful business where we would be lucky to give back.
Psalm 23 "The lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He lead me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. I will fear no evil, for you are with me,your rod and your staff they comfort me..."  
This Bible verse has so much meaning to me because when my dad was passing, he 
wanted me to read it to him every couple of hours.It brought him comfort and solace. One month after my dad passed,  my church wrote a news article  titled "Walking Through the Valley".Through this article I found comfort in reading the messages saying that even when we Walk Through the darkest valley,we are not stuck in the valley, just merely walking through. As we go through difficult times, God is teaching us to become humble and respect and value others and their journey. He carries us through the valley so we can empathize and help others through their own valleys. 
Mark Sardina, Founder & CEO

I've been trying to (trying being the keyword) do more things with my hair. So I French braided my bangs and the front portion of my hair the night before, then put my hair in "headband curls" (tutorial HERE). I'm sooo unimaganitive when it comes to my hair-any ideas on what I could try? They'd be so appreciated!


  1. Well, great job then, because the first thing I noticed was how pretty your hair looked :)

  2. Cute outfit! I agree with you about t-shirts. ;)
    There seem to be a decent amount of long hair tutorials on Pinterest. I did a couple of tutorials (not professional at all!) on my blog when I had longer hair too if you want to check those out. :)

  3. I love your hair. One of my favorite sites for long hair ideas is the no longer updated blog Rapunzel's Resource.

    Cap sleeves are great. I think they make a shirt look a little nicer/better fitted than "just a t-shirt". I like your skirt, too.

    Jenny K.

  4. Love the shirt and the company behind it! However, the link did not work (just took me to Blogger). Do you have their website or Facebook page?

    1. Oh gosh! Thanks for telling me. I don't know how that happened. It's hopefully fixed now! In case it's not, here's the link: thanks again for letting me know!

  5. Hi Natasha!
    Your hair looks great! I too love braiding my bangs back like you did! It gets them out of my face in a way that looks pretty! I am a bit of a hair geek! I have looked at lots of tutorials and love playing with my own and my sisters hair. This girl on youtube has the best hair tutorials! And she has a ton! Here is her link!
    I just ignore when she uses her curling iron and do the headband curls the night before. . .
    Also, don't be afraid to try new things! As witnessed by your beautiful hair this post, sometimes you have gorgeous results!
    I also agree about cap sleaves. . . When I really like what a t-shirt says, but don't like the sleeves I have been know to cut them down and re-hem them, or just leave them raw. They both are great!
    Love the outfit! Comfy and casual!
    By His Grace,


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