What I Wear-Modesty Makes You Ashamed Of Your Body?

For some reason I've seen a lot of articles lately with titles something like, "Why teaching Christian modesty makes women ashamed of their bodies." These articles deeply sadden me, to say the least. 

Modesty within the Christian realm has become a term that stirs varied emotions. I can totally understand that some women have been burned by churches, mean spirited people and people who are well meaning, yet out of line. Words can be hurtful, yet we throw them about with hardly a second thought. 

I wanted to share my personal feelings on this. I don't ever want a single one of you to be ashamed of your body! That's actually against biblical principles (I.E-you're made in the image of God, your body is a temple, not to mention being grateful for what you have.) 

God made each one of you absolutely stunning, never be ashamed of that. When we talk about modesty, it's not for the sake of hiding your body, you should treasure the amazing gift God has given you. Part of treasuring that gift is avoiding revealing every aspect of your body, partly with modest apparel. By dressing modestly you're actually showing those around you that you treasure your body, not that you're ashamed! It's like wearing a billboard that says "I respect myself and don't need to show you every curve and inch of my body."  
You're a beautiful, stunning, wondrous child of God-act like it! 

Do you think modesty makes you ashamed of your body? 


  1. You are so right, Natasha. People who think modesty is about hiding ourselves or seeing our bodies as bad are missing the point entirely! I used to dress in a rather revealing way when I was younger and it wasn't because I loved me body, it was because I was insecure and didn't know how else to be attractive to others. Once I realized how special I truly was because of who Jesus had made me to be, I no longer desired to seek attention by exposing intimate areas of my body. Instead of being insecure, I actually felt more beautiful since I knew I was respecting myself and also recieving respect from those around me. Modesty is also precious in marriage. My husband treasures the knowledge that what we share is between us only. I am so thankful for the way God has convicted my heart when it comes to clothing... I feel, quite simply, the way we dress should be an outward reflection of the purity Christ gives us inwardly.

    I continue to love your blog and cherish your friendship! Much love!

  2. I would wear you outfit except with a skirt instead of pants!!

  3. Cute outfit! I love the top.
    I totally agree with you on this topic! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yeah, I've noticed a lot of people take being modest to an extreme.. like wearing clothes that completely hide your figure! (Some people take it so far you wouldn't be able to tell they're a girl without their hair and face)

    Modesty does not make me ashamed of my body. It has garnered respect for me in the past and I'm sure will in the future, too! I, too, agree that it shows that I have respect for myself. Mostly, I dress like what you're wearing in this post ;) I do wear shorts in the Summer, but I don't wear the super short ones. My butt is always completely covered and then at least two inches of my thighs are, too. (Yes, I realize some people are not comfortable with that, and I do respect them for it, but I don't happen to feel like having the lower half of my thigh showing is bad)

    I like that you mentioned this because it makes me sad when people don't understand that you can be beautiful and covered!


  5. Fun outfit! :) Your top is pretty.
    I agree with you being modest shows that we are treasuring the bodies God made us, not hiding them out because we are ashamed of the way He made us. :)Thankfully, dressing modestly has never made me feel like I was putting down my body.


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