Okay, so none of you like the fashion show buttons I've posted so far! Which is fine, but I need some help! I'm at a loss as to what you girls want! So heres what I'm gonna ask, make one, and submit the link below! So It has to say "I was voted *?????* Of the 2010 Modest Online Fashion Show!" And put the URL of my blog somewhere!

*Insert what you wish, such as Modest Fashion Diva*
I'll pick the three one I like best, and those will be used for the winners! I reccomend using Paint program, since its on every computer and its free! But you can use whatever you wish!I also did one more, tell me WHAT YOU THINK about them! I need to know WHAT you don't like about it! The color? Images? Fonts? Size?


  1. I like the button you just posted. =)


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