What I Wear- Weekend Outfits

Hey everybody! So, we had a problem with our internet yesterday! I wasn't even sure I'd be able to do this post! So, to get y'all caught up, heres my outfits for the weekend. I got some new curlers at CVS! They work soooo well, and they're comfortable to sleep in! Which is a biiiiigggg plus! : ) They're like my others, only they have pillows inside them!
What I'm Wearing: 
Black shirt- Wal Mart
Pink zebra shirt-Herbergers
Pink shrug-Herbergers

What I'm Wearing:
Black sweater-Thrift store

Blue under shirt-JcPenney
Plaid skirt-I sewed it!

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  1. cute outfits! LOVE the curly hair, I wish my hair would curl. ur hairs beautiful!


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