One of my readers asked:
"Hi Natasha! I voted in your poll; I want to see more outfits! Also, I have a question. Do you raise your own money for your clothes, or do your parents buy them? Just wondering; I'm trying to buy my own clothes now, but money isn't that plentiful! :) Also, how often do you go shopping? Do you set limits for yourself like some people? i.e you don't spend more than a certain amount on an item or something?"

This comment got me thinking, could I and my readers take a tough (for some people) challenge?
I believe I can, can you? I've been telling myself that the clothes thing has to stop, even if the clothing only costs $2, it doesn't matter! I don't NEED anymore clothes! So I figure, why not stop today?
Heres the challenge:
I challenge you not to buy any article of clothing for ONE MONTH! This does not include essential items (Socks, or underapparel) But Anything else counts as CONTRABAND! Will you take this challenge with me? I have an "accountabilty partner" (my Mom) so if I cheat, Mom will be on here posting a tattle- tale : )

Take the challenge offered here by putting this button on your blog, with a link to this post. (And if you do take the challenge, let me know!) START TODAY! I'll even post an "I haven't bought clothing for a month" button if you want! : )



  1. Wow! I've inspired a challenge! :) I don't have a personal blog I can put this button on, but I do want to take the challenge. It'll be hard...I'm going to Target next week for an eye appointment and they always have good sales. :(

  2. Hey, about the challenge, should we have someone we're accountable to, so they can tattle on us if we don't go through? :) And does it start now, or are you going to have an official start date?

  3. Shaynie: Your first question, thats fine! You don't have to have a blog! Hope you don't cave!

    The second,I started Thursday, and yesterday my Mom drug me through town ahh!!! But I didn't cave! Even though we had a coupon for JcPEnneys! : ) My Moms my "tattler" but whoever you want is fine! I think it just helps posting it here, since the WHOLE world will know if I "cave"! : )I'm thinking I'll do a CAP or clothes aholic post.!


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