"Hi, my names Natasha and I'm a shopaholic..."

*Sigh* ok, we all knew this was coming...
I CAVED! I'm really sorry! I hadn't realized it was smack dab in the middle of the fashion show...and the end of winter....and I'm done making excuses. Shun me if you must, I'm an addict! Although my Dad does say during several sermons that "an addict will say they can quit, they just don't want to." Thats not true with me..I don't think I can quit anymore! LOL! Just joking! I'll embaress the daylights out of myself next, its hareditary! : )
Hopefully this won't keep you from reading my blog, I'm ashamed to say the least. In my defense, I only bought four things, and one of them is going to Patience (my little sister)
For those of you who are judging me, all the clothes are under $4! SO HA!
Now I'm going to go take my pitiful self and sit on the couch sobbing with remorse.....


  1. I understand Natasha! I'm a shopaholic too. I have been able to not buy ANYTHING in one month - so far. It is so HARD. I'm simply dying to buy clothing, jewelry, shoes, you name it. :O

  2. well, it's not that bad if you're a shopaholic... :) here's an award for you:

  3. I actually realized I haven't bought any clothes since Christmas! lol. I just didn't think about it until yesterday. Don't feel bad. Now that I realized how long it's been since I bought any clothes I am feeling free to buy clothes. But if it's something I really DON'T need then I will try to stop myself from buying new stuff.


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