Ok, I almost caved!!!

I have a confession to make! VANITY $1.99 RACK ALMOST BROUGHT ME DOWN!
Seriously, I was having dillusions of clothing talking to me, and flying into my face as I ran away! LOL!
Ok, so it wasn't that bad! But it was a challenge to say the least! Melissa (my sister)had to go into Vanity to look for camisoles! Guess what the first thing I caught in the corner of my eye?! The $1.99 rack! Yep, I didn't even go over! I may regret it later, but it doesn't matter!

So, only one of my readers is brave enough to take this challenge! Pathetic! I laugh in your face! HA!HA!
I guess I'll forgive you, own sister won't even take the challenge! And yes, I'm insane.

In addition to taking me into Vanity, Melissa also tortured me with:
Quality Supply($4 shirts!)
Maurices(Having there redline sale!)
JcPenney(also having a MAJOR sale!)
Pretty cruel if you ask me! By the way, I'll be caving the stores start GIVING away the clothes! LOL! : )
Anyways, for those of you people who CAN'T possibly take my challenge.......

Good day, and I wash my hands of you! : )

I haven't bought any piece of clothing for: 5 days ("they" say it takes 20 days to break a habit, so only 15 more to go!)


  1. I had decided not to buy clothes for a month even before you announced it...does that count?

  2. Proud of you!!!
    Way to go!!!

  3. I don't really care to take the challenge because I don't like shopping, and I don't go unless I need clothes. (like I only have 2 pairs of jeans in my whole closet) but yeah... :)


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