Modest Online Fashion Show-Day 2 Patience's outfit

Hey everyone! So heres the first outfit my little sister-Patience-put together. Isn't her photographer awesome?! He, He (guess who took her pics?) : P Anyways, Patience will be one of the judges, so you can't vote for her! But you can leave a comment telling her you like her outfit, and I'll pass it on! Man! I wish I was that photogenic! I hate getting in front of the camera! I never know how to pose, but this little miss can pose! Let me tell you!
What Patience Wears:
Shirt-Quality Supply $4!
Jeans-hand-me-downs from me! Sniff sniff, I wish I still fit them...but I don't...
I LOVE this picture! The ones taken spur of the moment are the best!
Enter your link for 3/27/10 Below:


  1. I don't see the link thing for today...

    Btw, Nice outfit Patience! :)

  2. Aw, really cute photos! Patience looks great in yellow- I wish I did. It's one of my favorite colors and it isn't right for my skin tone. =(

  3. I posted my outfit today, but I didn't see a link like yesterday to put my outfit on your blog. Did I miss it or are you doing something different today?

  4. Cute pics! The last is my FAV!! LOL =]

  5. How cute!

    Here is my outfit for day 2.


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