What I Wear-Thrifty And Chic! Modest Fashion Show! Day 2

Hey everyone! I'm so very excited that there is actually TWO MODEST fashion shows back to back! I took these Sunday, but I wasn't able to get it on here until today. (Hopefully that's OK!) I've been trying to get my pictures more professional, and I've been using Google to find out  how to pose. So these are a little better-I hope!

Does anyone know how to set a digital camera so that the flash is super fast?

I've so enjoyed seeing all the fashion shows, and looking at every ones outfits! They're so cute and modest! A perfect example of what true modesty should look like. The world tries to say that "modesty" is an old lady with a 100 year old shirt on, but that's not true! And for proof, please look at all the Modest Fashion Shows popping up! Sweet Innocent, gorgeous outfits! Each and every one of them!

Has anyone noticed that layering has come back? It dissipated (at least in the fashion world) and then came back! strappy, low cut shirts are sporting a tank top-or two! I even saw a halter top with a tank top under it! So cool! It will make it tons more easy for those of us who are already layering! What top do you layer with that's unusual? I've been trying to figure out if a tube top would look cute with a tee-shirt with cap sleeves under neath? Thoughts on this?

My sister was nice enough to buy this purse for me (just for) and I love it! Its so cute! It has millions of little sequins all over it, and it sparkles! *oooooo I love sparkles...LOL!*

-What I Wear-
Striped dress/shirt- Local thrift store $2
Tank Top-Vanity $???
Skirt-Goodwill $2.99
Purse-Wal Mart $4
Shoes- Payless $???
Necklaces- Various odds and ends from different places. I know I didn't spend more than a $1 on any of them.

Question: Whats your favorite color?


  1. LOVE those sandals! XD wonderful outfit ^_^

    erm...favorite color... XD too hard to choose!

  2. Really cute, Natasha! I love black and white together. =)

    I love so many colors that I don't even have a favorite! But to name a few, I would say orange, pink, blue, and yellow. =)


  3. What a pretty dress, Natasha--thanks for joining us! The stripes are *too* cute. :) Yes, layering is coming back in, I think...I don't care about the fashion out there TOO, too much, but it is nice to be sort of "in," yet, of course, striving to be modest!

    Blessings to you in Him,

  4. My favorite color is razzmatazz. I told someone that onece and he was like "thats not a color, its just some word you made up" so I told him that it was in the crayola 84 pack and he was like "thye just made it up,"
    :b to that:)


    My fav color is GREEN!!!!!!!!!!


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