What I Wear- Thrifty and Chic! Modest fashion show- Day 3

Hey everyone! So we (my mom, sister and I) really worked hard today trying to get some "fashion shoot" photos, worthy for your eyes to see! I think some of them came out really good! Or at least better than normal! I want to make it a goal to take better photos. Lately I've been hating my pictures, I don't know if its because of my clothes that day, or what, but no more! I did find out that I need to just relax and have fun! Which helps when you have a crazy sister! She tried to show me up in every photo with her "posing ability's" too funny...
For this fashion post, my lovely sister is joining me! With her amazing ability's in front of the camera, who can ignore her? LOL! We will keep working on our photos, let me know if you have any ideas for posing, or hints and tips. They would be greatly appreciated!
The weather was gorgeous today (its starting to be a bit cloudy right now) But its supposed to be 70's the rest of the week! Which is awesome! I love being outside, and indoor photos are not my specialty!

I really appreciate the response I've been getting about the fashion show, and everything else! Maybe people are listening after all....
Don't forget to tell all your friends (this includes family, and online friends!) about the fashion show, and get them to join!

What I Wear-
Flower print Shirt-Local Thrift store $2
Skirt-Goodwill $2.99
Flip Flops- Vanity $2

What My sister wears-
Brown Shirt-hand me down
Skirt-Goodwill $3.99
Flip Flops-Mom's
Tank top???

BTW: The Sky pictures are just for fun!

QUESTION: What are your tips for looking good in front of the camera?


  1. Wow, Natasha (and sister)! Those are some cute photos. =) I love all the poses!! You two have such pretty long hair…I have always wanted long hair, but my hair grows sooo slowly!! =( I love the woodsy atmosphere--and you two look like you are having a ton of fun! Very kewl, and very pretty outfits. Hmmm…well, I’m not what you would call photogenic, so I don’t really know HOW to look “good” in front of the camera!!! =D Haha…so, I guess--what you said! Relax, and have fun!!


  2. I like the ones where you look like you having fun!
    Non of this 'I'm not going to smile' business will be tolerated.
    My favorite is probably the one where your peaking around the tree, or playing pat-a-cake.

  3. Love the serious look! LOL!!

    OK, for a better serious look just look away.. look at something and think about it. Focus on it. I usually look at something pretty that I like and think abou t a good time I had with it or a story it reminds me of.Then your TRUE emotion comes out.

    Example~ If I look at a flower Ill think of the formal banquet I went to for my YG. I'll think about how Caleb (My best friend who gave it to me) and I had fun with the game afterwords and how Kelsie made jokes all night about it! =] It bring a good glow to your eyes and your face looks calm and cute =]


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