"Shout It!" Modest Online Fashion Show Day: 6

Hey everyone! Well, I actually got my outfit up today on time! I was on vacation in Spokane WA! Which was super fun! We got back yesterday, but I don't tell people when I'm going to be gone, or coming back for safety reasons. So I ended up using Wifi at the hotel to keep an eye on things.
Seriously, Spokane is like mall heaven! We spent hours and hours and hours shopping! And even got lost a few times! (Okay, that was only because I'm directionally challenged) The shrug in today, and yesterday's outfit was something I bought in Spokane. I really love it, and it fits me perfectly! I got it in this little boutique called Romy, never been in one of those, but they had some $7.99 items! I got a dress thats super cute. Infortunatley, I got it home and its an inch too small in the zipper area. The waist fits perfect, so I think I'll add some fabric.
What I Wear-
Black Shrug-Romy
Pink tank- grocery store
Brown tank-Vanity
Flip Flops-Old Navy

Oh yeah, guess what? I found out I can french braid! (Obviously this isn't a french braid!) But I just did it one night! LOL! It was crazy!

Special thanks to my little sister for taking the pictures!


  1. Neat, I hope you enjoyed your vacation! I understand not being able to say when you go on vacation or when you are getting back. :) We have the same saftety rules at my house.

    Cute outfit!


  2. Love the outfit and your new shrug :) All the layers look nice together and I like your necklaces too!

  3. Ohh so pretty! White skirts are so Summery. :) I love how you layered all the tanks and everything, it all looks so nice together!

  4. Oh, saw this old post and love it! :)



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