What I Wear- Embelished Purple Shirt

 "Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Proverbs 31:30

Hey everyone, on the suggestion of one of my followers (awhile back) I'm only posting four photos. I'd forgotten that, and looked back through my posts and realized they had way too many photos! I don't recall who pointed this out, but thank you whoever you are! I apologize for the strange mix of clothes lately! Going from 80 deg. weather to 50 deg. weather and back again is really cramping my style! I had on a blue jean jacket this morning, but found it to be too warm for that. But I'm not complaining-really I'm not-it makes me enjoy the nice weather even more now, knowing it will be gone in an instant. 
Fall and Winter aren't all bad, in fact I have a product I'm going to introduce in (hopefully) late Nov, early Dec. for you, my dear readers! All I will say is; what if you didn't have to wear a bulky tanktop?

The product is in the process of being made, and I'm going to have some ladies at church try them out before I sell them. But thats enough to wet your curiosity!

-What I Wear-
Shirt- Maurices
Necklace-Newsboys concert
Flip flops-Old Navy

I've been reading an amazing book by Leslie Ludy "Set Apart Femininty" have any of you read it? What books do you recommend?

If you could choose a prize for the next fashion show, what would it be?

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  1. I'm reading "Let Me Be A Woman" by Elisabeth Eliot and it's really good. I've heard good things about "Fearlessly Feminine" by Jani Ortlund and they have it at my church library but I haven't read it yet. One of my friends really likes "Captivating" by John & Stasi Eldredge and I want to read that one in the future because it sounds great! Those are what I recommend to you. =]


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