What I Wear- Emma Turquoise Regency Dress From Ross

Two 'What I Wear Posts' in a row?! Yeah, don't get used to it! Its a fluke...
I'm just hanging around the house today, but I went ahead and wore this outfit anyway. I was debating about wether or not I should wear it, since I was hanging around the house, the conclusion? Why not! I can look nice for just me-...and my readers..-can't I? Oh yeah, noticing anything different? My hairs clean! For whatever reason, its seems like I've been doing nothing but being behind for the past two weeks! No idea why...
I'm making pizza tonight, as we are having a 'family night'. Family night at my house consists of pizza, a game, or maybe a movie. Shanghai is the official Atkerson card game, seriously I grew up watching the adults play this game! It was a coming of age when I got to finally play the game myself! Of course its a game of strategy, and I stink at it... but I'm okay with that! "REAL" Atkersons can get slightly mean with the rules...for example...they don't let 5 year olds get away with drawing a card at the wrong time-no do-overs! But the game has gotten slightly less violent...or competitive...or ridiculous ...or whatever....
Naw, I'm just pulling your leg-kind of. 



  1. Very cute! My family likes to watch movies on clearplay :)

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL! :D I absolutely love it!

    Your outfits are always so modest and feminine! An inspiration! ;)


  3. I missed your Fashion event! I was dying in my bed with the flu :( but im back! Its so nice to see bright colors against the dreary winter background. Nice! Check out my own peptobismo-inspired outfit :)let me know when you have another event!

  4. VERY CUTE OUTFIT!! I am very shocked that you could find an outfit like that in stores I mean usally dresses are soooo short!! Very impressed!!!

    Come check out my blog:


  5. LOVE the dress!!! How much was it? I SO want one!!

  6. Oh yes, I've been to your blog many times. hehe. I usually look for inspiration not only in the style of clothing, but the way the photography part of it too. I am sure there will come a time when you will indeed inspire me though anyway. I just read dozens of blogs each day and it is hard to sometimes choose between outfits of which is my favorite!!

    I have those shoes too!! Payless, right?

    My little family doesn't have any traditions yet other than reading devotions together, but I'm sure when my boys get older we'll have some. When I was growing up in my household I do remember we did have a movie night or game night from time to time. I don't think we did that too long. Maybe two years if even that and that was when I was 7 and 8 and that's it. My oldest brother was in college when I was 8 and I think he was the reason why we did so many games. I had a nice time though playing pictionary and Life and Uno and Dutch Blitz with them though. I didn't really have a good house-life. My mom called us a "disfunctional family" all the time, which was true. My mom was the functional one while my dad was just. . the man on the couch we didn't want to get mad. :: shrugs :: My family always had a pizza night but I hate pizza so I have always had something else to eat instead. When we did watch movies it was always old classics from the 30s and 40s like Hunchback of Notre Dame and Mighty Joe Young (the ollld one) and Danny Kaye films like The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Bob Hope in The Princess and the Pirate (which my oldest brother has memorized completely). It is because of this being one of the only good memories of my childhood that I still continue to watch the classics. They're ingrained in me.

    I've never heard of the game Shanghai. This outfit of yours reminds me of a mix of Snow White and Cinderella!


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