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"Say not, “Why were the former days better than these?” For it is not from wisdom that you ask this."
Ecclesiastes 7:10

Over the past Summer I decided I was going to be positive about the snow, no matter how much it snowed! The previous year, all I could do was complain because it was snowing (once again). Well I've totally changed my mindset! I actually have learned to appreciate the snow! I come up with things I like about it:
1.Its God's masterpiece, each snow flake is unique!
2.It makes a great back drop for my photos!
3.I hate the heat, so snow is welcome!
4.The moisture is needed to keep the forest fires down in the Summer (smoke is worse than heat)
5.Winter is the perfect time to catch up on crafts, sewing, and others! In the Summer time, I'm always wanting to be outside doing something, which you can't do in the Winter time!

What about you? Are you constantly complaining about something? The weather? Where you live? What you look like? I encourage you to pick one thing that you feel your being too negative about (it might even be the meals your mom makes you!) and think only positive thoughts. Ask God to help you find the good in whatever negative thing your conquering. God can take you through anything, much bigger things than snow, believe me! Let me know later in a comment how things worked out for you! And no cheating! Negative thoughts are worse than negative words. Negative thoughts can eat you from the inside out, and eventually you'll become so bitter from your thoughts that you don't even realize the person you've become.

Sorry for the sermon/rant! But I felt it needed to be said! Thoughts are a bigger deal than most of us know! It all starts inside, the heart. If you hearts ugly, your actions, feelings and eventually your body as well will be unappealing-even to you! You can be Miss America, and still be ugly! If your hearts in the right place people will start to see you for you, a beautiful intelligent ladie serving God! Yes! YOU! You are beautiful! You may not have the smallest legs, or the nicest eyebrows, but your heart will shine through! Even the ugliest person on the planet (think bull dogs! : ) Sorry to any bull dog owners!) will become beautiful. After awhile, you don't see peoples outward appearance, you'll see them for who they truely are. But this also applies to beautiful people, after awhile you stop seeing the pretty eyes, and the ugly heart comes out.  

Until next time: Keep your heart beautiful, and kick those negative thoughts out the window! And into the beautiful, pure snow where they will be washed away, never to be seen again!


  1. I just wanted to comment and say excellent thoughts, Natasha!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to always look to the positive side of things! It can be easily forgotten.

  3. love the berry tight :) i voted the outfit a 5!

  4. Sweet tights, and I absolutely love your positivity!

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  5. What an inspiring post, Natasha! I don't think people really mind hearing "sermons" even if they are non-Christian especially when it helps them to change for the better. Everybody likes that, and the gospel really DOES help us a whole lot. A lot of what we find in self-help books are also found in the Bible, but people don't really know that.

    Anyway, I like snow a lot more now than ever before. Summer used to be my favorite season because I liked going to the beach a lot, but that was back then when I was a teenager, stubborn, and foolish. Snow looks so magical. It makes me think of places like Narnia and a bunch of other movies and books that make snow look magical. I also like snow when it cancels work or school!! Every season to me is beautiful, and it reminds me of God's masterpiece. Wintertime is also great because there are more people dressed covered up than the warmer days. It gets annoying seeing people wear skimpy clothing as the weathers heats up. Also, you can always pack on the layers when you're cold but in the summer, it gets harder to cool yourself down even with no layers.

    I like the skirt and the colored tights! :) Have an awesome Friday!

  6. Right on about all this.

    I love snow photos. I really don't mind the snow. I used to when I was little, although I had some great adventures walking with my one brother in snow and being with him was always warm for me, so I didn't mind. I walked one time with my oldest brother as well and that was always nice, but it was very seldom. I think my siblings and I have a love for snow in a way. I also don't mind the heat but I sweat a lot . . so do my mom and brothers. I guess in a way I'd rather it be cold then hot, plus people wear more in the winter, so that makes me like it more lately. haha.

    I don't think I'm one to complain much if ever about things. I get a little annoyed (try not to though) when I see people always complaining about weather issues. In the summer "it's too hot!!" and in the winter "I can't wait for summer" when really they are just never satisfied. I deal with it all best that I can with a positive attitude. . .because that's just how I've always been. . .trying to see sunshine and rainbows about things.

    Right on about what does matter is the heart and soul and how you are able to carry yourself and live for the Lord!! That's what is important. . being His child and working to fulfill His commands for us by spreading His word to others.


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