What I Wear- "I Find The Cold Invigorating, Like Breathing In Life Itself."

"I Find The Cold Invigorating, Like Breathing In Life Itself."
Wow! Its been a long while since I've posted an outfit-the 7th to be exact! I can't give a good excuse why, other than that I've been super busy trying to catch up on school and life in general. The weather has been so nice this past week! Upper 40's to lower 30's, which is pretty warm for this time of year. Unfortunatley, since it warmed up yesterday, and froze tonight we have a sheet of ice for a driveway. No joke, we had some glass pop bottles in our car, and couldn't get up the driveway! So my older sister, younger brother and I, booty scooted down the driveway! While it looked quite dumb, it worked! No one got hurt, and the pop made it to the house safely. I actually suggested the booty scooting because we read about it in a Little House On The Praire book where they couldn't get out to the barn, so they crawled! So thus, a genius idea was born...or something like that. BTW, it was kind of fun....
 -What I Wear-
Fashion Bug Black Wool Pea Coat
Payless Icicle Necklace 
Long Sleeve Black Herbergers
Purple 80's Style Maurices Shirt
Black Maurices Belt
Thrifted Black Pin Stripe Skirt
Emu Knee High Lace Up Boots

                                                Click images to enlarge if you wish:

 Anyone who wishes to comment and tell me that the background makes them shiver: "GET OVER IT!" LOL!



  1. Very Cute! In CO it snowed one in Oct and then it was 70 degrees until November. We just got snow on the 1st, and now it regularly 50... We have very bipolar weather...

  2. I'm afraid to tell you what our weather is like....tomorrow it's supposed to be 73 and muggy!

  3. I was actually kinda jealous of your weather. I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow, and it's only snowed 3 times this winter, and 2 out of the 3 times, it melted within 24 hours. : (

  4. I really like this outfit. The purple color of your blouse is lovely and the necklace you're wearing is stunning!

  5. I heart the lace up boots! Nice job on the outfit : ) Where I'm from it's in the 70s and 80s during the day... I just got back from a trip where I bought my first pair of fleece lined boots

  6. It's funny coz when you posted this, it was sooooo hot and humid here in Melbourne you have no idea! Quite jealous of the snow you have actually lol

    God bless!


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