What I Wear- 50's Knee Length Wool Skirt

Did you know people make mean comments sometimes because they're hurting inside? I had a lady at a thrift store once make a rude comment to me. After that I wasn't particualry glad to see her.
 However I was glancing through the clothes one day and heard her talking to a co-worker. Her husband had cancer, she was deciding wether or not to put her mom in the nursing home, she was going through some tough stuff! Our natural reaction when someone says something about us, is to say something back just as mean. However, thats not the reaction God wants us to have.
“You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also."  Matthew 5:38-39
Ouch. Yep, give him the other cheek! That applies to rude anonymous commenters on your blog as well. I've been on the receiving end of those comments, and they hurt. But the best thing to do is let it roll of your back, and ask God to help you love that person, in spite of what they may say. There's a big problem in the online world with bullying. Its so easy to just write whatever venemous thought comes into our minds, and not have to live with the consequences! If your having a problem with rude comments I suggest you first don't post about the comments, and turn the anonymous commenting off. Let me know if you need help with this. Moderating your comments is also a big help. Another idea is to have someone else check the comments, that way you don't have to read all of them! But ultimatley, I think people who leave those comments have a heart problem. Maybe they have gone through some tough things this year, try to remember that. Heap burning coals on their head by being the nicest you can to them. Its been my experience that people who say mean things are usually hurting inside, and lash out at other people. Not logical, but true.

 Anyways, I'm wearing a cold weather outfit today. Wool skirts are amazing inventions! So warm and cute!

What I Wear-
Black Shirt Herbegers ($5) Black Ruffle Shrug Ross ($10) Black Belt Maurices ($5) Wool Skirt Thrifted Pendelton ($3) Black Tights Wal Mart ($5) Ballet Flats Payless ($8)


  1. good insight, natasha! i think you're exactly right. i own one wool-blend skirt, and i looooove it. it's solid, which is great, but i'm really liking your plaid here. keep warm!

  2. Very true, I know I want grace when I'm in a bad mood but rarely do I give it to others! They are most likely just as rushed and stressed as I am!
    Yes, I have one wool skirt and love it! Yours is very cute, I love plaid!=)

  3. I actually own a million wool skirts! ever since I moved up north a discovered an A-mazing thrift store in my town I've gone a little overboard. Also..I wear some of the not so thick ones in the summer! Sh!I don't get hot easily! I guess if Elaine from Clothed Much is still doing Rule Breaking Mondays in the summer that will be one of mine cuz I do it all the time.


  4. I've never commented before, but I've been reading for awhile and I jut have to say I absolutely adore your clothes. I've only just started trying to go skirts only and you're a real inspiration. Thank you and please keep posting.

    - Mari

  5. Cute skirt! And thanks for your thoughts. ;)

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments, ladies! Marilyn: Thanks for commenting! Its always nice to know people are inspired by you! :)

  7. Yes people can be rude, especially around the holidays. Last year was not so bad, we had a lot of people let us go ahead of them in line because our cart had less in it. Or in traffic people stopping to let you make a left turn. However I do remember some particularly bad years. People would snarl, or cut you off. By doing it back you reinforce their attitude. But if you instead open up to them, they see they have nothing to be so rude about, and open up back, it's not so bad. Smiling works too. I am not sure how many of you go to sams club, or cosco. Out this way they check your recipe and cart at the exit of the store to make sure your not stealing anything.. I think.. Anyways there was this one older lady she always had a really bad angry look. So every time I saw her a smiled.. After a while she smiled first. LOL, funny, but something so small can bring a little bit of light into ones life. try it sometime :-)

  8. I love my wool skirt. Yours is pretty and you did a good job with this outfit.

  9. I do love my wool skirts for keeping warm in the winter time. I have too many of them by most standards I'm sure.

    A-line or gathered at the waist is best because I can wear a nylon petticoat under it for extra warmth. I know petticoat sounds old fashioned, but I'm not talking about the bulky ones with netting etc. I have several that are just a few layers of nylon, hardly alter how my skirt falls, but make me MUCH warmer. Boots, knee sox and toe warmers....all set for the cold.

  10. I love your skirt combination! And I LOVE that belt!

    It looks so classy. I haven't experimented with wearing tights and have a bunch of skirts I haven't worn as I've braced myself from the cold... This year I'm changing that. :D I picked up an awesome gray wool skirt and have been trying to figure out how to wear it if I don't own a pair of knee-high boots? The ballet flats look superb! I never thought of pairing them with tights.

    I love that you gave the breakdown of how much it cost to assemble the outfit. It's inspiring, and really got me thinking of the possibilities...


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