What I Wear-

I splurged yesterday and bought this hat for $20, does it count as 'clothes'? If so, I broke my buying freeze. I'm using the complete works of Jane Austen as a prop today. I actually did read all of them! It took about a month (a record long time for me!) to read it. My favorite would still have to be Pride and Prejudice. What's your favorite Jane Austen book? If you haven't read any, read one as soon as you can! They're are simply stupendously amazing! 
I wasn't entirely sure about this hat when I pulled it off the hat rack. It screamed at me, but yet Its unlike anything I've ever worn before! I think I might have found my favorite hat! What do you think of it? And if you don't like it....oh well! I do, and thats all that matters! Since of course, I'm the one wearing it...ha!Ha!
I got two hats yesterday acutally-is this confession time or what?! The other one is grey and almost like a mo-hair and its grey. Really super cute!  
Its been super cold here, like -15 at night! So our house it pretty cold right now! I've been looking at other place, and everyones weather is super cold! (well, almost everyone's) The North East part the US is getting slammed! Its funny, because living in Montana, we really don't get that cold...that or my body has adjusted...
Seriously, it didn't seem that cold outiside!

 What I Wear-
Herbergers Leopard Print Hat- $20
Black Thrifted Sweater-$1
Thfited Khaki Skirt-$3.99
Wal Mart Tights-$5
Black Bear Paw Boots-Borrowed
Leave me a comment and tell me your favorite Jane Austen book (or movie)
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  1. i actually havent read any jane austen yet. i have seen most of the movies tho. but i guess i should get started reading them... :)

  2. Persusian is my favorite! That hat is pretty awesome, you pull it off very well!

  3. That's not even a question...Pride and Prejudice for sure!

  4. Gorgeous! :D I love how the hat adds an wild-child, funky look!

    My favorite Jane Austen is "Persuasion", hands down! :DD

  5. This is such a cute hat. And your hair is lovely! Have you ever considered getting blunt bangs? You have the perfect hair and face for it!


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