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Okay, don't freak out! TWO OUTFIT POSTS IN A ROW! WOW! No, I don't think the world is coming to an end. I'm just a super cool Blogger! Right? Perhaps not since I lost two followers...*sniff*sniff* (lonely sad voice) where are you....?-joking!
I tried something new with my hair (transalted copying Elaine) with my own twist on it. I have this funny thing where I can't follow instructions -actually it's not very funny, it drives several family members crazy. Seriously, it's bad! I have a hard time, it's like the instructions are written in a differnet language! Verbal instructions? No problem! Bring it on! Show me how to do? Ultimate! Write it down for me...umm...I'm busy!

 I've never tried before, but I want to grow my hair out like past my hips, and cut off the 12" and send it to locks of love. (random thoughts are my trademark)
Blue Thumbhole shirt Herbergers ($5) Maxi Dress Quality Supply ($4)

QUESTION: What are your tips to healthy hair?


  1. Oh i lost a follower too.... WAAHHH!!!! But then I started thinking maybe they just are following privately. Well anyhew itm ade me sad for a while but who cares... it's not the end of the world. Hey you said that in YOUR post!! I am so hilarious. NOT!
    Lol, anyway, love your hair and your outfit! My sister does that with my hair sometimes too. Sometimes she braids it all around my head like a braided crown. :)
    God bless!

  2. Answer: Do a leave in conditioner once in a while and when using heat on your hair put protectant in... That's all I do and I have grown it past my hips 3 times and sent it to Locks of Love, it seemed to work :)

  3. Your hair is gorgeous! I'm gonna have to try the coping Elaine thing too.... =D

  4. I love your dress!!! I have donated to locks of love my hair was only a few inches past my waist though. I wanted to try something different with my hair so I wanted it cut to my shoulder. The lady cut it a little shorter than I wanted it, but now it has grown out a few inches past my shoulders and I really like it there. :)

    Sad face about followers. :(

  5. I like this outfit! It is really pretty.. I am starting to love maxi dresses. they are so elegant! :)

    I had long hair for years.. down to my tailbone! I kept it healthy by lots and lots of moisturizing and protecting it from too much heat use! :) I love your hair.. it is beautiful!! :) Good luck growing it out!


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