What I Wear- Polka Dots And "Spring"

It's Spring, really?! Could have fooled me! I apologize for not having gotten an outfit post together for awhile! I put outfits togther, started to do my hair, by the time I was ready to get my picture taken it was snowing so bad I couldn't bring myself to go outside. It isn't acummulating to much, but it's snowing off and on on throughout the day. Which stinks, because it's muddy underneath the snow now! Everyone who has perspiration pouring down their faces, and sweat marks under their arms may laugh, but no one else! Everyone else can run off to their mediocre lives full of Spring whilst I romp through the snow. (Yes, I'm in a poetic mood)

Burgandy Shirt (Borrowed from Sister) Black Scarf Vanity ($5) Polka Dot Skirt thrifted ($4) Mary Jane Shoes ($30)
We stopped by (of all places) Quality Supply, and I picked up two maxi dresses for $4 each! A steal! One black, one grey. I thought it would be fun to ask how you girls would style them? They're halter tops (which I'll be wearing a shirt under of course!)


  1. Cute outfit:)

    That's what the weather has been like in North Idaho, too. Still waiting for spring - I'm so ready...:)


  2. I usually wear maxi dresses with a cardigan and heels. I sometimes accesorize them with belts or scarves. :) We all miss you when you don't post! And I am one of those people with perspiration down my face and sweat marks under my arms--Sunday it was 100 degrees!

  3. I wore a polka dot shirt and a polka dot headband together by chance. It was the weirdest thing because I didn't even plan it. Haha.

    That's great that you still have snow! That is kind of amazing. I want snow to come back here, but I fear it might be too late.


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