What I Wear- Easter 50's/60's Style!

I wore this outfit yesterday-Easter. Originally, the skirt was supposed to be a dress, but the bodice got messed up. It was going to have buttons down the front of the bodice, but the fabrice was so thin that it frayed too much before I got fray check on. So I settled for a skirt instead. I actually like how the outfit came out! It's sort of 50's/60's style. And yes, I'm wearing a petticoat. Weird, right? I don't really care if it is, I like the way it looks. Although it does have a slight drawback, it's very hard to sit in! Have you ever seen those drawings in books of ladies in hoopskirts that are lying on the ground, their hoop skirt up in the air? Petticoats are similair. I had to be careful that I didn't sit down too fast. So lady like sitting is important!

It was a beauitful day yesterday! Upper 60's in fact! I've decided that Montana people have a huge advantage over the warmer states: we enjoy the nice weather when it comes around! Other states take the sunshine for granted, or it gets so hot all they do is stay inside all day.
Saturday was also gorgeous and my dad, siblings and I went on a walk down our road. Fresh air rocks! I love going on walks up and down our road. The silence is soothing, and their aren't any cars rushing past! (a few anyway)  

I've been working on a few more drawings! (Which you can view HERE) One of a blog reader, and a friend at church. I think both came out well. I also finished a baby drawing (yes another!) this time of Asian Twins.

I think my curls turned out well! I just used those foam curlers. You can get them at the dollar store I believe.

I'm wearing: 50's Vintage Style Sweater From Wal Mart ($7) Ghingahm Skirt Made By Me ($1 a yard!) Petticoat from Bonanza (kind of like Etsy) ($20) Low Heeled Mary Janes 6pm ($30)

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  1. Sunshine? What is sunshine? LOL! I am from Washington so I get what you mean when you say other people take it for granted. I hope this summer is better than last summer, we had horrible weather last year!
    Christ is Risen!!!

  2. i curled my hair for easter too. :) i looked like shirly temple...kinda.

  3. you're a cutie! your hair is so pretty and i love how modest yet gorgeous you are. keep it up girly! :)

  4. Cute outfit!(:
    I'm slightly envious of your was raining here almost all day!
    I wore a fun dress a ruched black top and a asymmetrical paisley skirt. I still have to get pictures with it, though!

  5. Lovely outfit! I just love your skirt!!

  6. i like your petticoat, it gives your skirt great volume. i would definitely wear one.

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  8. I love the skirt! So cute. This is a good color for you, too. :o)


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