What I Wear- Fur Vest Fashion

I'm embracing the colder weather today and wearing my fur vest. I picked it up this Winter, and never wore it. It tends to make me look bulky, but I threw caution to the wind and decided to wear it anyway. I add the pink eternity scarf for a splash of color in an otherwise boring outfit. Am I the only one who changes a minimum of two times per day in the morning? Something you thought looked right, didn't look so good on, it was too cold/hot to wear what you'd planned on? That's me! I do better if I take the time to pick outfits out the night before, but I rarely remember to.
I need to get more creative with my hair *sigh* for today you get boring old combed out hair. Bummer! Any suggestions for hair that don't involve cutting it? I'd love to hear them! (include pictures if you can!) See? I'm so boring I didn't even do anything to my bangs this morning!
I'm wearing: A Warm Fur Vest Thrifted ($7) Plain White Shirt Wal Mart ($7) Black Maxi Dress As A Skirt Quality Supply ($4) Pink Eternity Scarf Wal Mart ($5) Low Heeled Mary Jane Shoes 6PM ($30)  


  1. I am with you on needing hair ideas I do a lot of the same thing over and over. partly because it is easy and does not take to much time, and because I don't have anything else that is easy.

    I think that if you did a braid to the side and put your bangs to the same side, it would look very nice. It looks nice and kind of modern too, and super easy! Sorry I don't have any pictures!!!!
    Christ is Risen

  2. I think your hair looks lovely just how it is! But I know how it feels.. I get into a rut with my hair, doing it the same way all the time!! I just try to experiment with different styles...I love messy buns and braids! Accessories can add a lot a cute headband. :)

  3. The whole human civilization need more people like you.......

    keep going on.....

  4. I could never wear fur. lol It looks weird on me, but it looks great on you. :) You have beautiful hair and there are so many things that you can do with it! Youtube has a ton of hair tutorials. You can just search for them and I am sure you will find something that you like. :)


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