What I Wear-Feminine Miltary Inspired Take 2! + Slouchy Boots Question

Hey everyone! So I know I've done this military shirt before recently HERE but I decided I wanted to wear it again, enough said?! Just joking-kind of. I did decide to pair it with completely opposite colors and jewelry. Once again, I'm pairing my skirt with my 'slouchy' boots! (read on Grace!) I do have to say that they are my favorite pair of shoes (next to my furry winter Emus HERE and HERE) they also have a fur lining I can pull down! Which is awesome! For some reason, I don't think fur is good before it snows...but maybe I should change that, no?

What I Wear-
Military Inspired Jacket- Vanity- $15
Hot Pink Shirt- Pac Sun $2
Skirt- Goodwill $2.99
Leggings- Target $2
Boots-Maurices $5

And now for Grace' question! Finally! (sorry)
Grace says"I like your slouch boots as well, and I have a question about them...what can you wear slouch boots with? Like, is there anything that looks really bad? I like to wear skirts, what type of skirts would they look good with? (my slouch boots are tall, black ones.)"
Grace, I really don't think you can go wrong with boots and skirts! They look great (in my opinion) together. I don't recommend wearing a skirt that goes past the boots (like over the boot itself) because this looks slightly odd. Black is the perfect color and should work well for you! In addition to the above post on my wearing boots you can also check out these:



  1. Thank you so much, Natasha! I like my slouch boots (I got them at Payless). The only thing I dont like about them, is that they're quite loose around my calves and I think it looks kinda funny...oh well. Thank you for the help though!

  2. Thank you so much, Natasha!
    I like my slouch boots (I got them at Payless) except that they're kind of loose around my calves and I think it looks kinda funny...oh well. Thanks for the advice, though!

  3. I love fur-line/trimmed boots! And yes, I would wear them before the snow flies- I actually wore a pair yesterday! =)
    I usually keep them for late October or early November, depending on when the weather gets cool enough.

  4. I would definitely wear them before the snow flies, 'cause it never flies out here in California! ;)
    I like this look, Natasha!

  5. I really like these boots you are wearing Natasha! They go so well with your outfit! :) To answer your question about fur boots...yes I think I wear mine before it starts snowing. I do wait till it gets pretty cold though and it is more into the Winter season.

  6. Totally wear furry boots before snow flies! Sometimes I like to wear mine on a cooler summer day just to be random. Just like how I wear shorts to church the coldest week in winter. :)

  7. Heck yes! Wear them! As long as your feet don't get hot, why not?! I wear rain boots when its not raining

  8. dear natasha, i love your blog and found a lot of ideas for my own clothing ! i like the idea of wearing those black leggings, they cover your legs and make every knee length skirt modest !

  9. What a great skirt and I love it paired with that military shirt!

    Of course you can use my pic on your blog. I'm very flattered and happy, thanks girlie! ;)


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