A Question About Skirts From My Reader

Dear Vanessa, thanks for asking! Your question was such a good one, I decided to do a post on it! To be honest with you, I'm a total cheapskate when it comes to clothes! I believe in being frugal, and being good stewards of the things, and money, God has entrusted us with. I don't think I have a single skirt that I paid retail for! Now don't get me wrong, you can get retail clothes for cheaper than thrift store prices sometimes with sales! But my style is the kind that is more...unique! I like to have pieces that others don't have, and I don't have to worry about seeing someone in the mall with my shirt on!

    Kosher Casual
  • Kosher Casual Skirt
  • My Kosher Casual skirt was given to me in return for a review of it! Which totally rocked! You can buy one just like it here: Kosher Casual Skirt



50's Plaid


Bold Patterned

You can check out Skirt posts.

Tips For Finding Skirts
Really, my only advice to finding skirts at thrift shops, PATIENCE! You won't go into a thrift shop and find something every time. It may not be the right size, color, or kind of skirt you want.

Other Places To Find Skirts
You have the Internet, USE IT! : ) The Internet can be a great thing! Here are some links to Google shopping to get you started:
Google Shopping Skirts
Google Modest Fashion

Bramblewood Fashion Etsy
Bramblewood Fashion Etsy

Shabby Apple
Diviine Modestee

What If A Skirt I Find Is Too Short?
I stumbled across this website a few months ago:
Vintage Hem
While some of their products are expensive, they have some on sale for $10.
Or if your a seamstress you could make one! I'm hoping to make one very soon, and perhaps share a tutorial!

Again, if your a seamstress you can add strips of fabric to the hem!
Or repurpose a skirt, that might include 'stacking' two short skirts to make a longer one.

Share your wealth of knowledge with Vanessa, tell her your favorite place to get skirts at!

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  1. I'm a plus size, and live in a small town, so thrift stores aren't usually the place for me. I wish they were, but they aren't.

    My absolute favorite store of all time for skirts is Cato. They have plenty of nice, long, modest skirts that are trendy and fashionable.

    Then there is Modest Apparel USA (google it), and A New Creation Apparel (I'm VERY impressed with their maternity stuff) and Dressing for His Glory which is more for culottes or modest swimsuits.

    Those are my favorites and I find almost everything there.


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